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GTAP Events: 2024 GTAP Advisory Board Meeting

General Information
Date: June 3-4, 2024

Location: Colorado State University
Lory Student Center
1101 Center Avenue Mall
Fort Collins, Colorado 80521 USA

Deliverables: PDF fileAgenda (presentations linked)

PDF fileGTAP Advisory Board Report
Research Fellows
The Board approved to name the following as Research Fellows for the period of June 2024 – May 2027:

Edward J. Balistreri
In recognition for his many contributions to the climate and trade-policy debates using CGE analysis, his innovative CGE modeling of heterogeneous firms in international trade and environmental economics, and for teaching GAMS/MPSGE courses that instruct participants how to use the GTAP Data Base in GAMS.

Christoph Böhringer
For outstanding research and publication using the GTAP Data Base and GTAP-based CGE models, and for contributing to the advancement of GTAP through his 25 years of conducting annual international modeling workshops for researchers and practitioners on the use of GTAP data and models for applied general equilibrium analysis.

Kirsten Boysen-Urban
For her teaching at the University of Hohenheim, which has continuously contributed to the knowledge of GTAP and the growth of the network, a strong research portfolio with valuable contributions to the analysis of agricultural and food markets, especially domestic support, using the GTAP Model, and publications on the impact of food waste, the EU Common Agricultural Policy, Brexit, and the resilience of global food systems.

Simon Mevel
For his many contributions to furthering the knowledge and use of GTAP and CGE modeling in Africa through leadership and support of training and capacity building for African researchers, and for his work and support of researchers contributing input-output statistics, thereby expanding African regional coverage in the GTAP Data Base.

Sebnem Sahin
For her path-breaking advancements in CGE modeling of green transitions and diligent analyses towards policy-oriented research on key environmental questions, as well as her contribution of the Afghanistan I-O table to the GTAP 11 Data Base.

The Board also approved to name the following into the GTAP Hall of Fame:

Joseph Francois
Joe has always thrived at the interface of policy analysis and economic theory, has extensive experience in both academia as well as the public sector, and brings a unique perspective to both of these communities. Joe has a nose for where the next policy debate will emerge and can modify his toolkit to address that issue in a meaningful and influential way. Whether it was NAFTA, the Uruguay Round, Eastern Enlargement of the EU, the liberalization of services trade, or now – the economics of outer space -- he has always been at the cutting edge of the most important topics in international trade. For the many years of active involvement in the GTAP Network and his important and sustained contributions to GTAP, Joe Francois has been inducted into the GTAP Hall of Fame.

Alan A. Powell Award
Each year at the GTAP Advisory Board meeting we present an award to one of the members of the Board in recognition of outstanding service. This award is in honor of one of the Founding Members of the Advisory Board, and the intellectual grandfather of GTAP - Alan A. Powell.

Photo of Eddy Bekkers The 2024 recipient of the Alan A. Powell Award is Eddy Bekkers, Research Economist at the World Trade Organization.

Eddy has contributed in many ways to GTAP including serving as an associate editor of the JGEA, developing, together with Erwin Corong, Joe Francois, and Hugo Rojas-Romagosa, a novel implementation of the EK model as an extension of the standard GTAP model in GEMPACK, and leading and contributing to multiple research initiatives including current work to update the GTAP Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and Foreign Affiliate Sales (FAS) Satellite database and its associated model; diffusion of ideas; role of digitalization; spillover effects of industrial subsidies; trade conflicts; trade and decarbonization policies; environmental goods agreement, and many more.

Thank you, Eddy, for your many important contributions to GTAP!
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