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About GTAP: Center for Global Trade Analysis

The Global Trade Analysis Project is coordinated by the Center for Global Trade Analysis, which was founded in 1992 by Professor Thomas W. Hertel and is housed in the Department of Agricultural Economics at Purdue University.

The Center employs staff members and a team of graduate assistants, which are Ph.D. candidates in either the Economics or Agricultural Economics programs. In addition to the staff, GTAP relies heavily on a worldwide network of CGE modelers and trade economists. These collaborators provide data and modeling expertise to help foster the Center's mission.

Center Faculty and Staff (Full Details)    (Former Staff)
  • Angel Aguiar - Principal Research Economist
  • Zeynep Akgul - GTAP-U Coordinator
  • Uris Lantz Baldos - Research Associate Professor
  • Ginger Batta - Lead Program Manager
  • Maksym Chepeliev - Assistant Research Professor
  • Alfredo Cisneros-Pineda - Post-Doctoral Research Associate
  • Erwin Corong - Principal Research Economist and Associate Director
  • Jeremy Douglas - Senior Web and Information Technology Specialist
  • Alla Golub - Lead Research Economist
  • Iman Haqiqi - Senior Research Economist
  • Thomas Hertel - Distinguished Professor and Executive Director
  • Jing Liu - Senior Research Economist / Science Coordinator
  • Holly McIntire - Senior Research Operations Administrator
  • Srabashi Ray - Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
  • Thiago Simonato - Post-Doctoral Research Associate
  • Dominique van der Mensbrugghe - Director and Research Professor
  • Zhan Wang - Post-Doctoral Research Associate

Center Teaching and Research Associates (Full Details)
  • Mary Burfisher - Senior Education Advisor, Center for Global Trade Analysis, Purdue University
  • Amanda M. Countryman - Professor, Colorado State University
  • Bernhard Dalheimer - Assistant Professor, Purdue University
  • Russell Hillberry - Professor, Department of Agricultural Economics, Purdue University
  • Roman Keeney - Associate Professor, Department of Agricultural Economics, Purdue University
  • Anna Strutt - Professor, Economics, University of Waikato
  • Farzad Taheripour - Research Professor, Department of Agricultural Economics, Purdue University
  • Terrie Walmsley - Associate Professor and Director, University of Southern California and ImpactECON
  • Anton Yang - Postdoctoral Associate and Faculty Affiliate/Visiting Scholar, Department of Economics, Yale University/International Monetary Fund

Center Graduate Students (Full Details)    (Former Students)
Center Visitors (Former Visitors)
    The Center does not currently have any visitors.

To provide leadership in economic policy analysis by fostering collaboration to achieve better data and research outcomes.

We value:
  • International collaboration because it increases quality of data and analysis.
  • Objectivity and transparency because they are crucial to our data work and analysis.
  • Discovery because improving methodology leads to better policy analysis.
  • Learning because it creates critical vibrancy both within the Center and in the expanding network and improves the quality of analysis undertaken.
  • Engagement because it helps us serve policy analysts and decision makers with better data and analysis.
We believe that:
  • Better data leads to better policy analysis, which leads to better policy.
  • Reconciling data makes data better.
  • CGE modeling provides useful policy insights.
  • Avoiding duplication in data production is efficient.
  • Collaboration enhances individual efforts.
  • Having more trained users enriches policy debates.
  1. Data Goal: To Improve the quality of data products through:
    1. Improving the quality of contributed I-O data
    2. Addition and improvement of other datasets
    3. Monitoring of data quality using comparison programs
    4. Version control and documentation
  2. Research Goal: To actively participate in quantitative economic analysis of pressing global concern in the areas of Trade and Development and Global Environmental Issues
  3. Model Goal: To promote further development of GTAP-based models
  4. Education Goals: To expand and improve education for global economic analysis worldwide
  5. Staffing Goal: To actively seek and encourage talented staff and graduate students
  6. Collaboration Goal: To actively seek opportunities for fostering collaboration with institutions around the world
  7. Communication Goal: To facilitate communication amongst members of the network as well as between the Center and key stakeholders.

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