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Anton Yang

Created: 10/9/2014
Updated: 9/15/2022
Visits: 4,127
Dr. Anton Yang
Postdoctoral Associate

Department of Economics, Yale University
Faculty of Arts and Sciences Economics Department (FASECO), Tobin Center
Room 112, 53 Wall Street
New Haven, CT 06511
United States

Anton's research interests lie primarily in the areas of international trade, theoretical and empirical studies of demand systems and their applications in economic models using quantitative and computational methods. His doctoral dissertation research re-examines the distance puzzle, and asks, why does geography matter so much for trade? He finds that some of the distance effect can be attributed to non-homotheticity when a more flexible demand model is incorporated into the canonical gravity model which would otherwise attribute the rapid falling off of the trade with distance to a large distance elasticity of trade costs. Anton's technical strength is building structural econometric models and finding numerical solutions to them using applied mathematical programming techniques. Anton is also interested to understand and bridge the gap between computable general equilibrium (CGE) and new quantitative trade models (NQTMs) which are two broad classes of trade models for quantitative analysis. Anton has developed and taught guest lectures centered around the structural estimation of general equilibrium models and numerical optimization techniques applied to solve economic problems.

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