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GTAP Data Bases: GTAP Africa Data Bases

What is the GTAP Africa Data Base?
African policy makers are increasingly requesting quantitative assessments of trade agreements, such as the African Continental Free Trade Area (AFTA), the African Continental Customs Union (ACCU), and assessment of impacts resulting from external shocks such as international food and fuel prices. However, they have been fundamentally limited by data availability. In particular, international databases, such as GTAP, often have limited coverage of individual African countries. The Center for Global Trade Analysis, with assistance from the Bank Netherlands Partnership Program (BNPP) and the World Bank, has expanded the number of African countries available in the GTAP Data Base.

The GTAP Africa Data Base is packaged with the GTAPAgg aggregation software, which is freely available for download after placing an order on the GTAP website.

Funding for the GTAP Africa Data Bases has come from the Bank Netherlands Partnership Program (BNPP) via the World Bank and the European Commission.

Version Release Date
GTAP Africa 2 Data Base May 2013
GTAP Africa 1 Data Base December 2008