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GTAP Resources: Free GTAP Educational Materials

The page provides a listing of free GTAP educational materials available to the GTAP Network. Additional materials may be found in the GTAP Resource Center.

YouTube iconPlease visit GTAP's YouTube channel for freely available videos on the GTAP Data Base, model, and more.

GTAP Data Base
Zip file GTAPAgg Demo Versions
      by Horridge, Mark and Badri Narayanan

Other Resources
Webpage Introduction to Computable General Equilibrium Models
      by Burfisher, Mary

Webpage AnalyseGE: Software Assisting Modellers in the Analysis of their Results
      by Pearson, Ken, Thomas Hertel and Mark Horridge

Webpage Hands-on Computing with RunGTAP and WinGEM To Introduce GTAP and GEMPACK
      by Pearson, Ken and Mark Horridge