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GTAP Data Bases: GTAP 11 Data Base Documentation

Please use the following when citing the GTAP 11 Data Base:

Aguiar, A., Chepeliev, M., Corong, E. & van der Mensbrugghe, D. (2022). The GTAP Data Base: Version 11. Journal of Global Economic Analysis, 7(2), 1-37. Retrieved from

Part I: Introduction

Chapter 1: Introduction
Angel Aguiar and Thomas W. Hertel

Chapter 2: Guide to the GTAP Data Base
Angel Aguiar and Erwin Corong

Chapter 3: What's New in GTAP 11
Angel Aguiar

Part II: Distribution Software

Chapter 4: FlexAgg2.0: An Improved Version of the Data Aggregation Program FlexAgg
Nelson Villoria, Robert A. McDougall, and Angel Aguiar

Chapter 5: GTAPAgg2 Data Aggregation Program
Mark Horridge and Erwin Corong

Chapter 6: The GTAP Data Base for GAMS Users
Dominique van der Mensbrugghe, Erwin Corong, Maksym Chepeliev, and Angel Aguiar

Part III: Data Sources and Construction Procedures

Chapter 7: Macroeconomic Data
Wang, Le (Allen) and Angel Aguiar
Chapter 8: Regional Input-Output Data
Angel Aguiar
Chapter 8A: Afghanistan
Angel Aguiar and Sebnem Sahin

Chapter 8B: Algeria
Angel Aguiar

Chapter 8C: Australia
Jacob Conway Smith and Glyn Wittwer

Chapter 8D: Azerbaijan
Angel Aguiar

Chapter 8E: Bolivia
José Elías Durán Lima and Angel Aguiar

Chapter 8F: Botswana
Lekoko Simako

Chapter 8G: Brazil
Joaquim Bento Ferreira-Filho

Chapter 8H: Cameroon
Jean Pierre Assako Essiben and Celestin Sikube Takamgno

Chapter 8I: Canada
Philip Bagnoli

Chapter 8J: Central African Republic
Roger Yele

Chapter 8K: Chad
Ibn Ali Youssouf

Chapter 8L: Chile
Alonso Gonzalez Marentis, Jonas Luckmann, and Khalid Siddiq

Chapter 8M: China
Liu Yu and Meifang Zhou

Chapter 8N: Democratic Republic of the Congo
Hans Lofgren

Chapter 8O: Republic of Congo
Alain Patrick Makouala

Chapter 8P: Colombia
Erick Céspedes Rangel, Gabriel Piraquive Galeano, and Nicolás Ramírez Guerrero

Chapter 8Q: Comoros
Mohamed Said Ali

Chapter 8R: Costa Rica
Marlon Molina, Diego Aguero, Henry Vargas, Gabriela Saborio, and Arlina Gomez

Chapter 8S: Côte d'Ivoire
Souleymane Sadio Diallo

Chapter 8T: Cyprus
Angel Aguiar

Chapter 8U: Ecuador
Angel Aguiar

Chapter 8V: Equatorial Guinea
Severo Ngua Bibang Obono

Chapter 8W: Gabon
Paul Mapessi

Chapter 8X: Mozambique
Angel Aguiar

Chapter 8Y: Haiti
Angel Aguiar

Chapter 8Z: India
Devender Pratap and Rajesh Chadha

Chapter 8AA: Indonesia
Angel Aguiar

Chapter 8AB: Iran
Wajiha Saeed

Chapter 8AC: Iraq, Lebanon, and Syria
Angel Aguiar

Chapter 8AD: Kazakhstan
Aigerim Kushumbayeva

Chapter 8AE: Korea
Jong-Hwan Ko

Chapter 8AF: Laos
Sumathi Chakravarthy and Badri Gopalakrishnan

Chapter 8AG: Mali
Kadidia Traore

Chapter 8AH: Mexico
Carmen Estrades

Chapter 8AI: Mongolia
Erwin Corong

Chapter 8AJ: Niger
Laouali Chaibou

Chapter 8AK: New Zealand
Erwin Corong

Chapter 8AL: Norway
Robbie Andrew and Glen Peters

Chapter 8AM: Pakistan
Muhammad Zeshan

Chapter 8AN: West Bank
Johanes Agbahey, Khalid Siddig, and Harald Grethe

Chapter 8AO: Panama
Raymond Mi

Chapter 8AP: Paraguay
Edgar Gómez Leiva and Natalia Noemi Pena Gonzalez

Chapter 8AQ: Philippines
Caesar Cororaton

Chapter 8AR: Russia
Sindhu Bharathi and Sumathi Chakravarthy

Chapter 8AS: Eswatini
Nsika Melusi Dlamini

Chapter 8AT: Serbia
Diamantis Koutsandreas

Chapter 8AU: South Africa
Dirk van Seventer and Rob Davies

Chapter 8AV: Sudan
Khalid Siddig

Chapter 8AW: Switzerland
Renger van Nieuwkoop and Carsen Nathani

Chapter 8AX: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Kevin Hanslow

Chapter 8AY: Thailand
Tosapol Apaitan

Chapter 8AZ: Ukraine
Maksym Chepeliev

Chapter 8BA: United States of America
Erwin Corong

Chapter 8BB: Uruguay
Carmen Estrades

Chapter 8BC: Uzbekistan
Angel Aguiar and David Roland-Holst

Chapter 8BD: Vietnam
Angel Aguiar

Chapter 8BE: Zimbabwe
Rob Davies and Dirk van Seventer
Chapter 9: Processing of Input-Output Data
Chapter 10: Construction of the Trade Data
Chapter 10A: Reconciling Merchandise Trade Data
Mark J. Gehlhar

Chapter 10B: Services Trade Data
Angel Aguiar
Chapter 11: Protection and Support
Chapter 11A: Agricultural Domestic Support
Le Wang and Angel Aguiar

Chapter 11B: Domestic Support in the European Union
Pierre Boulanger, George Philippidis and Hans Grinsted Jensen

Chapter 11C: Effective Applied Tariff Protection by MAcMap
Mondher Mimouni, Xavier Pichot and Angel Aguiar

Chapter 11D: Agricultural Export Subsidies
Kayode Ajewole, Jayson Beckman and Angel Aguiar
Chapter 12: Energy Data Base for GTAP
Maksym Chepeliev
Chapter 13: Emissions Data Base for GTAP
Chapter 14: Value Added
Chapter 14A: Primary Factor Shares
Wajiha Saeed, Thomas Hertel and Keith Fuglie

Chapter 14B: Disaggregating Labor Payments
Erwin Corong and Bob
Chapter 15: Income and Factor Taxes
Erwin Corong
Chapter 16: Behavioral Parameters
Thomas W. Hertel and Dominique van der Mensbrugghe
Chapter 17: FIT and Global Data Assembly
Chapter 17A: FIT
Dominique van der Mensbrugghe

Chapter 17B: Global Data Assembly
Erwin Corong
Chapter 18: Bilateral Time-Series Trade Data
Mark J. Gehlhar

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