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GTAP Models: Dynamic GTAP Model

What is the Dynamic GTAP Model?
GDyn is the result of continuing research aimed at extending GTAP's standard modeling framework to incorporate dynamic behavior.

It includes all the special features of the standard GTAP Model, such as the sophisticated consumer demands and inter-sectoral factor mobility, as well as incorporating a new treatment of investment behavior and additional accounting relations to keep track of foreign ownership of capital.

What Can You Do with GDyn?
The GDyn Model can be used to determine how changes in policy, technology, population and factor endowments can affect the path of economies over time.

Users are able to alter various aspects of an experiment including the closures, shocks and base line scenario. In addition to obtaining the resulting percentage changes in bilateral trade, sectoral and regional output, and private household and government consumption that you are familiar with for the GTAP Model, it also includes changes in foreign and domestic wealth and growth rates in capital.

A number of applications have been undertaken using the GDyn Model relating to the East Asian crisis, China's growth, China's accession to the WTO and land use which are available in the GDyn book and on the GTAP website.

The GDyn Model is documented in the following book and papers: Applications Data
The GDyn Model builds on the GTAP Data Base augmented with foreign income data and allows dynamic analysis to be undertaken without imposing severe limitations on the model size. A FlexAgg program has been produced which aggregates the GDyn specific GTAP Data Base for use with the GDyn Model. The data aggregated by this program is based on the GTAP 7 Data Base supplemented with additional data on income payments and convergence parameters. The GDyn Data Base is documented in Dynamic Modeling and Applications in Global Economic Analysis. The following chapters are available on this website: Software
The software for the GDyn Model is based on release 10.0 of GEMPACK using the RunDynam software interface. These software products have been developed at the Centre of Policy Studies and are available from them.

The GDyn Short Course is held every two years. Contact the Center for further information.

Model Code/Tab file
Three versions are available: (standard version), (savings version as documented in Chapter 14 of the GDyn book), (complementarity version as documented in the Appendix of the GDyn Book). These versions include post simulation processing (GDynView, GDynVol, Taxrates and Welfare) to obtain summary statistics, tax rates and undertake the welfare decomposition. These are documented in Chapters 6 and 7 of the GDyn book.

GDyn Model Version History
CGE Baseline Data and Documentation Projections data, baselines documentations and GemPack programs to help GDyn users in constructing their own baseline.