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GTAP Models: Archived Model Versions

A complete version history since 1994 is available for download. Additional information about each release may be found below.

PDF file A Note On Changes Since GTAP Book Model
      by Itakura, K. and T. Hertel, 2000

Zip File GTAP Model Version 5.0
      Latest update: May 2000

This version was introduced for the 2000 GTAP Short Course. Changes from Version 4.1 to Version 5.0 include:

Zip File GTAP Model Version 4.1
      Latest update: November 1998

The GTAP.TAB Version 4.1 (November 1998) includes a parameter which captures intermediate input substitution. Users can now specify which endowment factors are sluggish or mobile through the use of a binary switch parameter.

The introduction of these new features in the GTAP.TAB file presents some incompatibility with previous set and parameter files. Software for converting set and parameter files for use with the latest version of the model may also be downloaded.

Zip File GTAP Model Version 4.0
      Latest update: July 1998

Some features available in GEMPACK 6.0 were introduced in GTAP Model Version 4.0 (July 1998). It allows for region-specific psave(r) to capture regional differences in the price of savings. Other changes introduced include:

Zip File GTAP Book - Model Files
Latest update: August 1995

The model documented in the GTAP book is Version 2.2a of GTAP94.TAB. This file, and the software for replicating applications in that book are available through this web site. This version of the model will be preserved, regardless of future developments.

Web page OneGTAP Model File
Latest update: April 2001