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About GTAP: Getting Started with GTAP

Below is a depiction of the natural progression of how GTAP Network members get involved and begin using GTAP-related products. In addition to the items in this list, we also recommend visiting our Educational Materials page.

  1. GTAP at a Glance ( FR | ES ) - For those new to the Global Trade Analysis Project, it may be helpful to view the "GTAP at a Glance" video to get a better idea of what GTAP is and how it plays into the world of global economic and trade analysis.
  2. GTAP Model - The standard GTAP Model is a multi-region, multi-sector, computable general equilibrium model, with perfect competition and constant returns to scale.
  3. RunGTAP - GTAP is formulated and solved using GEMPACK, a suite of economic modelling software. RunGTAP is a visual interface to various GEMPACK programs and allows users to run simulations interactively in a Windows environment using the GTAP general equilibrium model.
  4. GTAP Data Base - The centerpiece of the Global Trade Analysis Project is a global data base describing bilateral trade patterns, production, consumption and intermediate use of commodities and services. Pairing the GTAP Model with the GTAP Data Base will allow you to examine the impact of your own applications. Additional GTAP Satellite Data and Utilities are available to licensees of the GTAP Data Base. These satellite datasets are often linked to extensions of the GTAP Model.
  5. GTAP-U - Courses offered by the Center for Global Trade Analysis that range from introductory level to advanced and specialized.
  6. GTAP Conference - The goal of the Annual Conference on Global Economic Analysis is to promote the exchange of ideas among economists conducting quantitative analysis of global economic issues with particular emphasis being placed on applied general equilibrium methods, data, and application.
  7. Data Contribution - While the GTAP Data Base is constructed by the Center for Global Trade Analysis, most of the datasets used are supplied by members of the GTAP Network. The most common contributions made by individuals in the network are individual country data (I-O tables).