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GTAP Resources: Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about the GTAP Data Bases and Models, we suggest subscribing to the GTAP-L mailing list.

How can I run GTAP on a Mac?...

Date Added: 4/27/2024

What are the differences between RunGtap and WinGem?...

Date Added: 1/13/2005

I am working with the GTAP in some trade policies simulations. I would like to quantify the impact of some trade policies that include conditions on rules of origin. I am aware that, unless I generate a new sector , I will not be able to properly design the shock. However, I think that I can simulate the trade policy implications by an import subsidy plus a tax on domestic consumption and on exports. The problem is that in the standard closure, taxes on domestic and imported purchases by firms, private households and government are not exogenous (tfm, tfd, tpm, tpd, tgm, tgd). My question is how can I exogenize these variables, that is to say which variable should become endogenous instead. Thank you very much for your help....

Date Added: 3/4/2003

I am having a confusion about interpretation of ao [j,r] and aoall [j,r] in RunGTAP Tablo file [Version 5]. They are defined as: Variable (all,j,PROD_COMM)(all,r,REG) ao(j,r) # output augmenting technical change in sector j of r #; Variable (all,j,PROD_COMM)(all,r,REG) aoall(j,r) # output augmenting technical change in sector j of r #; Variable (all,j,PROD_COMM) aosec(j) # output tech change of sector j, worldwide #; Variable (all,r,REG) aoreg(r) # output tech change in region r #; Then, there is an equation: Equation AOWORLD # sector/region specific average rate of output augmenting tech change # (all,j,PROD_COMM)(all,r,REG) ao(j,r) = aosec(j) + aoreg(r) + aoall(j,r); What is the diffrence between ao[j,r] and aoall[j,r]? and is ao [j,r] endogenous and aoall[j,r] exogenous? -- what does the equation convey intuitively?...

Date Added: 3/22/2001

I am not able to locate the version "highsub" of the model. Please advise....

Date Added: 9/27/2000

Can anyone provide me with advice on how to make GTAP mimic a change in exchange rates? For example how would you impose a 10% depreciation of the Canadian dollar against all other currencies?...

Date Added: 9/27/2000

My version of RUNGTAP will not accept Gempack 9 exe files. Why?...

Date Added: 11/21/2005

How does one efficiently change each country's initial tms for imports of goods from all other regions with x percentage points (ie ordinary change to the tariff rate). How can this be done in GTAP?...

Date Added: 1/17/2006

Some of the auxillary programs in some of the RunGTAP applications do not work. For example, the GEelast or PEelast programs do not work for the GTAP-E application? ...

Date Added: 5/29/2007

Do I need a GEMPACK licence to change the standard condensation (for example, to un-omit variable tf) of the GTAP model in GTAP.STI?...

Date Added: 7/23/2007

I have loaded the default version of the GTAPAgg into RunGTAP. How do I enter the text in the version part of RunGTAP and what text should I enter?...

Date Added: 10/26/2010

I appreciate if anyone can give me hint regarding the amount of memory RAM we need to run the full RunGTAP. We're thinking in upgrading our computer systems and we have to consider the needs that models as RunGTAP and GTAPDyn impose. In particular we know that, for instance, the full RunGTAP model does not run in my PC with one giga memory -I get a message "unable to allocate sufficient memory. (I0STAT is 912)". Does anyone know how much memory is needed to run the full regional and sectoral specification model? In the case of GTAPDyn, how much is needed? Do you think it is advisable a more powerful computer like those with dou-processors? Are GEMPACK and RunGTAP compatible with UNIX? I have heard that is not feasible to expand the memory RAM further than 2 GB using the standard XP Professional, is that right? Overall, what do you advise: upgrade the memory RAM of the current PCs and run the models with UNIX or any upgrade WINDOWS or the acquisition of a type "server" system?...

Date Added: 10/30/2006