I-O Table Submission
Notes on procedures
Format specifications
Problem areas
What to send us?
What do we check?

GTAP Data Bases: Structural Adjustments

You must ensure that your I-O table contains the information needed for the GTAP single-region I-O table structure. This includes ensuring that:

  1. The table is provided in the GTAP format (see format specifications);

  2. Agriculture and food, energy and other sectors are separated (see compulsory splits);

  3. There are more than 30 sectors disaggregated (see How Much To Disaggregate?);

  4. The table is a commodity by commodity table;

  5. There are no re-exports (see about re-exports);

  6. Imports must be split out from domestic goods (see domestic vs. imported good splits).
If your table lacks data for changes in stocks or for commodity taxes, we set these at zero.

If you have not separated agricultural land from capital, we do so, using shares from an external study or from a representative table.

If the table lacks a duty vector, we supply one, using your data for import usage, and tariff rates from our protection Data Base.

If it contains other deviations, we return it for further work (see What do we check?).