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GTAP Data Bases: Documentation

The main objective of the documentation is to inform users about where the data in the supplied table come from and where data had to be made up. Describing the procedure followed is not the main objective, though it will need to be done to some extent to achieve the main objective. Below is a list of suggested topics (* marks the more ambitious topics) and a template is available based on the Australian data.

  1. Reference information for the source table.

  2. If possible a review of the different options available for the source table.*

  3. A description of the source table. This description should include the following:
    1. The reference year for the source table

    2. The units of the source table.

    3. Whether the source data was industry by industry, industry by commodity or commodity by commodity.

    4. The valuation of the source table. That is, whether the source data was in basic or purchaser prices.

    5. The structure of the source table, with emphasis on where it is inconsistent with GTAP. This would include details on: the treatment of imports, indirect taxes, sales by final buyers and the ownership of dwellings (see Structural Adjustments). In addition, details relating to the classification of primary factors and final demands in the source data, including a mapping to the GTAP factors and final demands (see Format Specifications).

    6. The sectoral classification of the source data and a mapping between it and the GTAP sectors

  4. A description of any applied constraints such as non-negativity or sectoral balance conditions (see Sign and Balance Check).

  5. A description of how inconsistencies between source table and GTAP were dealt with. This description would also include a list of:
    1. any additional data sources used to handle these inconsistencies; and,

    2. the assumptions made to create any additional data.

  6. List any deviations between the supplied table and those required for the GTAP Data Base. Differences may appear between:
    1. the structure;

    2. the sectoral classifications;

    3. the sign constraints; and

    4. the sectoral balance conditions between the two Data Bases.

  7. Comment on the quality of the I-O Data*:
    1. an examination of the quality and any salient features of economic content of the source and/or supplied data;

    2. a suggested level of sectoral aggregation which would indicate those sectors which you have most confidence in;

    3. an outline of the strengths and weaknesses of supplied table; and

    4. any data lost as a result of moving between the source data and supplied table.