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GTAP Events: 8th Annual Conference on Global Economic Analysis: Organized Sessions

The following organized sessions have been accepted into the conference.

Labor Migration
Organized by: Terrie Walmsley

Not Provided

Crossing Boarders - Labor Movement in an Enlarged EU
Presented by: Kurzweil, Marianne

Immigration, Unemployment and Earnings Inequality. The Case of Spain.
Presented by: Perez-Alcala, Gabriel

Measuring the Impact of the Movement of Labour Using a Model of Bilateral Migration Flows
Presented by: Walmsley, Terrie

Quantifying the international bilateral movements of migrants
Presented by: Parsons, Christopher

The CGE Approach to Environmental Integrated Assessment
Organized by: Roberto Roson

Not Provided

Adaptation and World Market Effects of Climate Change on Forestry and Forestry Products
Presented by: Rive, Nathan

Climate Change and Extreme Events: an Assessment of Economic Implications
Presented by: Roson, Roberto

The GTAP Land Use Data Base and the GTAPE-AEZ Model: Incorporating Agro-Ecologically Zoned Land Use Data and Land-based Greenhouse Gases Emissions into the GTAP Framework
Presented by: Lee, Huey-Lin

Virtual water trade in a general equilibrium analysis
Presented by: Rehdanz, Katrin

Issues in Modelling Decoupled Payments
Organized by: Alan Matthews

Not Provided

Do Direct Payments Have Intertemporal Effects On U.S. Agriculture?
Presented by: Somwaru, Agapi

Measuring the decoupling of the 2003 CAP reform: Identification of some key parameters
Presented by: Gohin, Alex

Modelling CAP Reform: Consensus or Conflict?
Presented by: Binfield, Julian

Costs of Adjustment to Trade Shocks
Organized by: Kym Anderson

Not Provided

Adjustment Costs of Trade Liberalization: Estimations for the Russian Labor Market
Presented by: Denisova, Irina

Globalization and Poverty: An NBER Study
Presented by: Harrison, Ann

Presented by: Kowalski, Przemek

The Rapid Expansion of the Modern Retail Food Marketing in Emerging Market Economies: Implications to Foreign Trade and Structural Change in Agriculture
Presented by: Somwaru, Agapi

CGE Models and the Political Economy of Trade Negotiations
Organized by: Bob Koopman

Not Provided

Alternative Scenarios and Strategic Interactions Between Developed and Developing Countries in the Agricultural Trade Negotiations of the Doha Round: A Reappraisal.
Presented by: Salvatici, Luca

Coalitions in the WTO arena: Relevance and Robustness
Presented by: Laborde, David

Using State-level Simulations in a Political Economy of U.S. Trade Policy
Presented by: Koopman, Bob

Poverty Impacts of a WTO Agreement
Organized by: Thomas Hertel

Not Provided

Poverty Impacts of a WTO Agreement: Synthesis and Overview
Presented by: Hertel, Thomas

Structural Change and Poverty Reduction in Brazil: The Impact of the Doha Round
Presented by: Lay, Jann

The Doha Round, Poverty and Regional Inequality in Brazil
Presented by: Ferreira-Filho, Joaquim Bento

Market Structure and the Assessment of Trade Policy Reform
Organized by: Joseph Francois

Not Provided

Financial sector liberalization, market structure, and economic growth
Presented by: Eschenbach, Felix

Regulation, Market Structure, and Services Trade Liberalization in Tunisia
Presented by: Konan, Denise

The Implications of WTO Accession on the Regions of Russia.
Presented by: Tarr, David

The Impact of Trade Liberalization on World Agricultural Markets and Developing Countries: Perspectives from CGE and Price Equilibrium (PE) Model Based Analyses
Organized by: Alexander Sarris

Not Provided

Agricultural Trade Liberalization and Poverty: the case of Tanzania
Presented by: Mraz, Marian

Deepening and Broadening Preferential Access for Sub-Saharan Africa
Presented by: Peters, Ralf

Market and Welfare Implications of Doha Reform Scenarios
Presented by: van der Mensbrugghe, Dominique

Presented by: Conforti, Piero