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GTAP Events: 9th Annual Conference on Global Economic Analysis: Organized Sessions

The following organized sessions have been accepted into the conference.

Globalization and Poverty - Channels and Policy Responses
Organized by: Maurizio Bussolo

Not Provided

Globalisation and Poverty Changes in Colombia
Presented by: Lay, Jann

Trade Liberalisation and Poverty in Nepal: Computable General Equilibrium Micro Simulation Analysis
Presented by: Cockburn, John

Global Trade Reform: Lessons from Comparing Global General Equilibrium Models
Organized by: Dominique van der Mensbrugghe

Not Provided

Global Merchandise Trade Reform: Comparing results with the LINKAGE Model
Presented by: van der Mensbrugghe, Dominique

Impacts of global trade reform using the GTAP Model: the importance of closure, factor mobility and trade elasticity assumptions
Presented by: Anderson, Kym

Model comparison: different assumptions lead to different results
Presented by: Decreux, Yvan

Economywide Analysis of MDG Strategies
Organized by: Hans Lofgren

Not Provided

MAMS -- a framework for analyzing MDG and poverty reduction strategies
Presented by: Lofgren, Hans

Millennium Development Goals for Honduras: Current Achievements and Forthcoming Challenges
Presented by: Bussolo, Maurizio

Trade-offs between human development and infrastructure spending in Malawi’s development
Presented by: Diaz-Bonilla, Carolina

Can the Economic Partnership Agreements between the EU and African Countries deliver on Development?
Organized by: Stephen Karingi

Not Provided

Are the Economic Partnership Agreements a first-best optimum for the ACP countries?
Presented by: Perez, Romain

Trade Liberalisation: What exactly does it mean for Lesotho?
Presented by: Maleleka, David

Modeling global land heterogeneity and land-use
Organized by: Steven Rose

Not Provided

Endogenous agricultural land supply: estimation and implementation in the GTAP model
Presented by: van Meijl, Hans

The role of land heterogeneity in determining climate change mitigation costs
Presented by: Rose, Steven

Linking Models with Different, but Complementary, Perspectives
Organized by: Ashley Winston

Not Provided

Extending General Equilibrium Analysis to the Tariff Line: U.S. Dairy in the Doha Development Agenda
Presented by: Hertel, Thomas

Incorporating Climate Change Feedbacks into a General Economic Equilibrium Model
Presented by: Paltsev, Sergey

Linkage of GTAP and DRAM for scenario assessment: methodology, application and some selected results.
Presented by: Tabeau, Andrzej

Globalization, economic reforms and gender impacts
Organized by: Bernard Decaluwe

Not Provided

A Gender-Aware Integrated Macro-Micro Model for Evaluating Impacts of Policies on Poverty Reduction in Africa: The Case of South Africa
Presented by: Fofana, Ismaël

Does Trade Liberalisation Leave Women Behind in South Africa: A Gendered CGE Analysis
Presented by: Chitiga, Margaret

Modelling Gender Dimensions of the Impact Of Economic Reforms in Pakistan
Presented by: Siddiqui, Rizwana

Modelling the gender effects of trade: current findings and ways forward
Presented by: Fontana, Marzia

Deep Integration and Trade-Productivity Links: Recent Research and Lessons for Modelers
Organized by: Sherman Robinson

Not Provided

Deep Integration and Trade-Productivity Links: Tentative Lessons for CGE International Trade Models
Presented by: Robinson, Sherman

Trade Liberalisation with Trade Induced Technical Change in Morocco and Egypt: Findings and Wider Research Implications
Presented by: Evans, H.David

Trade-Productivity Links: Econometric Analysis at the Firm and Sectoral Level
Presented by: Gasiorek, Michael