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GTAP Events: 10th Annual Conference on Global Economic Analysis: Organized Sessions

The following organized sessions have been accepted into the conference.

CGE Modeling of Climate, Land Use, and Water: Challenges and Applications
Organized by: Utpal Vasavada

Not Provided

Global Adoption Of Agricultural Biotechnology: Economic And Land Use Implications
Presented by: Lubowski, Ruben

Global Scenarios For Biofuels: Impacts And Implications For Food Security And Water Use
Presented by: Sulser, Timothy

Land and Water in the Global Trade Analysis Project (GTAP)
Presented by: Tol, Richard

The Implications of Trade Liberalization for Developing Countries under Different Structural Assumptions
Organized by: Alexander Sarris

Not Provided

A Structuralist Approach To Trade Reform: A Critique?
Presented by: van der Mensbrugghe, Dominique

Liberalizing Trade Under Structural Constraints In Developing Countries. A General Equilibrium Analysis Of Tanzania
Presented by: Conforti, Piero

Modelling The Impact Of Trade Liberalisation: A Critique Of Computable General Equilibrium Models
Presented by: Taylor, Lance

Vietnam’s Accession to the WTO: Lessons from Past Trade Agreements
Presented by: Abbott, Philip

CGE Effects of Agricultural Distortions in Developing Countries using a New Distortions Database
Organized by: Kym Anderson

Not Provided

Effects Of Distortions To Agricultural Incentives In Africa
Presented by: Kurzweil, Marianne

Effects Of Distortions To Agricultural Incentives In Asia
Presented by: Anderson, Kym

Effects Of Distortions To Agricultural Incentives In Latin America
Presented by: Valenzuela, Ernesto

Economic Partnership Agreements
Organized by: Gaspar Frontini

Not Provided

Assessing The EPAs : A Product Level Approach
Presented by: Maria Cristina, Mitaritonna

Evaluating the impact of EPAs: Partial equilibrium modelling and beyond
Presented by: Robinson, Sherman

RTAs and WTO compatibility: Catch me if you can? The case of EPA negotiations
Presented by: Cernat, Lucian

Trade Facilitation and the EU-ACP Economic Partnership Agreements: Who Has the Most to Gain?
Presented by: Persson, Maria

Heterogeneous Firms: Theory, Measurement and Modeling II
Organized by: Thomas Rutherford

Not Provided

Armington Meets Melitz: Introducing Firm Heterogeneity in Global CGE Model of Trade
Presented by: Zhai, Fan

Liberalization of Barriers Against Foreign Direct Investment in Services with Heterogeneous Firms: A quantitative assessment for Kenya
Presented by: Tarr, David

Structural Estimation and Solution of International Trade Models with Heterogeneous Firms
Presented by: Balistreri, Edward J.

New Approaches For Trade Data Methodology
Organized by: Mark Gehlhar

Not Provided

Accounting for Discrepancies in Bilateral Trade: The Case of China, Hong Kong, and the United States
Presented by: Ferrantino, Michael

Bilateral Services Trade data for GTAP-7 database
Presented by: van Leeuwen, Nico

Reconciling Trade Statistics: A Math Programming Approach
Presented by: Wang, Zhi

Working at the Tariff Line
Organized by: Lionel Fontagné

Not Provided

Estimating Censored and Non Homothetic Demand Systems: The Generalized Maximum Entropy
Presented by: Femenia, Fabienne

Extending General Equilibirium to the Tariff Line: U.S. Dairy in the Doha Development Agenda
Presented by: Grant, Jason

How does Tariff-rate quota modeling affect CGE results?: an application for MIRAGE
Presented by: Decreux, Yvan

Simulating trade shocks at the HS6 level: An illustration with the preference erosion issue
Presented by: Laborde, David

Market Access
Organized by: David Hummels

Not Provided

Hedging Price Volatility Using Fast Transport
Presented by: Schaur, Georg

How Market Access and the Supply of Quality Affect the Terms of Trade
Presented by: Hummels, David

How Strong is the Love of Variety?
Presented by: Ardelean, Adina

When are Variety Gains from Trade Important? Domestic Productivity and the Cost of Protectionism
Presented by: Lugovskyy, Volodymyr

Measurement and Evolution of Global Disparities in Income and Wealth
Organized by: Maurizio Bussolo

Not Provided

Are Incomes Around the World Converging or Diverging? The Prospects for Global Income Inequality
Presented by: De Hoyos, Rafael

Global Inequality: What it is and Why it Matters
Presented by: Milanovic, Branko

The World Distribution of Household Wealth
Presented by: SandströM, Susanna

FDI and Services Trade
Organized by: Arjan Lejour

Not Provided

A multisector multicountry FDI database for GTAP
Presented by: Boumelassa, Houssein

The Determinants of GATS Commitment Coverage
Presented by: Lanz, Rainer

The effects of mnes on host economies: a computable general equilibrium approach
Presented by: Latorre, MaríA C

Trade, Poverty And Nutrition
Organized by: Antoine Bouët

Not Provided

A Closer Look At The IMPACT Of Climate Change On Country-Level Food Security And Nutrition
Presented by: Msangi, Siwa

A Modified, Implicit, Directly Additive Demand System
Presented by: Preckel, Paul

Global Nutrition Impacts Of Rapid Economic Growth In China And India
Presented by: Hertel, Thomas

Poverty Analysis Using An International Cross-Country Demand System
Presented by: Cranfield, John

Heterogeneous Firms: Theory, Measurement and Modeling I
Organized by: Thomas Rutherford

Not Provided

Plant Heterogeneity and Trade: Lessons from the CA-US FTA
Presented by: Rolleigh, Michael

Trade Integration, Firm Selection and the Cost of Non-Europe
Presented by: Del Gatto, Massimo

Trade Reforms in a Global Competition Model: The Case of Chile
Presented by: Opromolla, Luca David

Gravity and GTAP
Organized by: Frank van Tongeren

Not Provided

Estimating Barriers to Services Trade and FDI Flows using a Two-Stage Estimation Process
Presented by: Hoekman, Bernard

Sharing gravity: gravity estimates of trade shares in agri-food
Presented by: van Tongeren, Frank

Trade in services and dissimilarity in domestic regulations
Presented by: Lejour, Arjan

Impacts of Increased Biofuels Production on Global Trade and Agriculture
Organized by: Wally Tyner

Not Provided

Biomass Energy and Competition for Land
Presented by: Reilly, John

Cellulosic Ethanol: Effects on the Future U.S. Economy of Successful Commercialization
Presented by: Osborne, Stefan

Impact of Biofuel Policies on World Agricultural and Food Markets
Presented by: Banse, Martin

Impact of Biofuel Production on World Agricultural Markets: A Computable General Equilibrium Analysis.
Presented by: Birur, Dileep