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GTAP University (GTAP-U): 16th Annual Short Course in Global Trade Analysis

16th Annual Short Course in Global Trade Analysis
"Introduction to Applied General Equilibrium Analysis in a Multi-Region Framework"

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General Information
Date: August 2-8, 2008
Location: Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, USA
Offered by: Center for Global Trade Analysis, Purdue University

Course Graduates
32 individuals from 12 different countries completed the 16th Annual Short Course in Global Trade Analysis.

Small Group Presentations
Final presentations for the small group projects are available for download.

Imperfect Competition

PDF file FTA with Imperfect Competition and Increasing Returns to Scale in the Case of Morocco and EU

Doha Development Round and Egypt

PDF file Doha & Egypt

PDF file Impact of Liberalization of Apparel Imports to Egypt

PDF file Eliminating Egypt's Tariffs on Apparel-Leather to EU

PDF file Bilateral liberalization in the automotive sector Egypt-EU


PDF file Carbon Emissions Technology Improvements: Coal

PDF file Implementing the Kyoto Protocol and beyond: An application of GTAP-E

PDF file Extension to GTAP-E Emission Accounting

PDF file Structural Effects on Marginal Cost of Abatement

Doha Development Agenda and Poverty

PDF file Trade & Poverty

PDF file Full versus partial liberalization of trade: Gains and Losses

PDF file Trade facilitation and Poverty

PDF file What matters most for poverty alleviation

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