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Mitra Kamidelivand

Created: 1/13/2017
Updated: 4/7/2017
Visits: 809
Dr. Mitra Kamidelivand
Senior Postdoctoral researcher

Energy Policy and Planning Group-Environmental Research Institute-University Colleague Cork
Lee Rd., ERI- UCC
Cork T23XE10
+353 (0)21 4901981 (ph)

Mitra is a senior researcher at Energy Policy and Modeling Group (EPMG) at ERI-UCC, Ireland. She has experiences with energy modelling and multi-criteria sustainability assessments of bioenergy in developing and developed countries.
She has lectured and supervised master and Ph.D. students on techno-economic and sustainability assessment of bioenergy application. She has published in Journals of 'Energy', 'Applied Energy', 'Bioresource Technology', and Journal of 'Cleaner Production'.
Her current research study focuses on investigating the sustainable low carbon energy scenarios with respect to the GHG emissions and macro or micro socioeconomic impacts for policy analysis. At EPMG-UCC, she has developed an extended input-output model after disaggregating the energy sectors of the latest Irish input-output table
She is new at CGE modelling. Mitra has been recently involved in a project funded by ETSAP (Energy Technology System Analysis Program) with the target of soft-linking the energy modelling and CGE modelling. Such a model can evaluate the economy-wide impacts of energy systems. Learning GTAP-CGE model is a step towards this target.
Mitra likes the nature. She likes walking and spending time with friends.

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