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Sam Agbahoungba

Created: 3/7/2021
Updated: 1/2/2022
Visits: 347
Dr. Sam Agbahoungba
Economist researcher

Grand standing
+221773634236 (ph)

Curriculum Vitae - Sam Agbahoungba

Economist and Researcher, Sam Agbahoungba holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Thies (Senegal) in 2019. Previously, he completed his master’s degrees from the University of Abomey-Calavi (Benin) via the program of excellence PTCI and from Lund University (Sweden) via the TRAPCA program based in Arusha (Tanzania). His research interests include international economics, macroeconomics, economic modeling, gender issues, and demo-economics. He is specifically interested in economic modeling and has attended several technical short training programs offered by IDEP (UNECA), IHEDD (FERDI), and the University of Laval (Canada), etc. Sam is affiliated with international research networks including PEP Network, AERC (Kenya), ATM (France), Econometric Society, etc. Currently, Dr. Sam Agbahoungba is Economist, Program Officer and Head of “Analysis Section” at the Regional Consortium for research in generational economics (CREG) based in Senegal

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