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GTAP Resource #3554

"Estimating Economy-Environment Linkages and the Co-benefits of PM10 Mitigation within an Economy-wide Model for India"
by Markandya, Anil, Sebnem Sahin, Aarsi Sagar and Muthukumar Mani

This paper examines the environmental impacts of India’s likely growth paths in terms of increased emissions of PM10, and the feedback from those emissions on its economic performance. The analysis is carried out using the Hind2030 model, which quantifies the benefits of mitigation of small particles (i.e. PM10) and of adequate water supply and sanitation in terms of health and loss of output for India in the period 2009-2030. It comprises a CGE model for India (GTAP) and two annex modules; PM10 emissions and their health impacts in terms of mortality and morbidity and the health impacts of inadequate water supply and sanitation.

In this analysis, PM10 emissions originate from fuel combustion and production processes. Preliminary findings forecast that the PM10 emissions will double in the next 20 years.

The first model runs reproduce the actual GDP growth rates in the country in the period 2004-2009 and the official projections to 2030. They refer to a purely "economic baseline" where the health impact of the pollutants is not taken into account.

Second, an “environment corrected” GDP is developed, which accounts for the health costs of PM10 and inadequate water supply and sanitation. Improved health indicators have a positive impact on the economic output through enhanced labor productivity and labor supply mechanisms. Their impact on GDP is estimated through the Hind2030 structure

Finally, "Green Growth/ Integrated Energy Policy" scenarios are simulated within the same framework and compared to the previous scenarios for policy recommendations.

Resource Details (Export Citation) GTAP Keywords
Category: 2011 Conference Paper
Status: Published
By/In: Presented at the 14th Annual Conference on Global Economic Analysis, Venice, Italy
Date: 2011
Created: Markandya, A. (4/14/2011)
Updated: Batta, G. (5/17/2011)
Visits: 1,487
- Economic development
- Climate change policy
- Calibration and parameter estimation
- Asia (South-Central)

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