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GTAP Resource #4293

"GTAP 8 Data Base Documentation - Chapter 8.A: Food and Agricultural Data Base"
by Peterson, Everett

One of the main features of the GTAP Data Base is a detailed sectoral classification of agricultural and food products. Twelve sectors within agriculture and eight sectors within the area of food, beverages, and tobacco are identified. This however creates a problem in data collection since not all countries’ input-output (I-O) statistics provide such fine sectoral detail.

To address this problem, the I-O data contributors for some countries undertook the agricultural and food disaggregation themselves. Table 8.A.1 lists the 22 countries/regions for which I-O tables are available at the full GTAP 8 sectoral classifications for food and agriculture and 87 regions that require this disaggregation1. For the remaining countries/regions, the disaggregation was undertaken centrally. To support this centralized disaggregation process, the present author created a new multi-country agriculture and food products dataset. This chapter documents that dataset.

The agricultural and food products dataset consists of two components. The first component consists of information on the quantities produced, imported, and exported, plus information on producer prices for a broad set of agricultural commodities for a variety of countries. This information is then used to determine the value of production and trade, at producer prices, for as many GTAP agricultural and food commodities as possible. The second component uses the above information, along with I-O tables supplied for earlier GTAP data releases to develop an initial I-O table focused on the GTAP agricultural and food commodities for each country/region listed in table 8.A.1 that lack this detail. These initial I-O tables are then used as the starting point for the centralized disaggregation process.

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Category: GTAP 8 Data Base Documentation
Status: Published
By/In: Center for Global Trade Analysis
Date: 2013
Created: Batta, G. (10/31/2013)
Updated: Batta, G. (10/31/2013)
Visits: 3,579
- The GTAP Data Base and extensions

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