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GTAP Resource #4841

"Introduction to Computable Equilibrium Models, 2nd edition"
by Burfisher, Mary

The second edition of Intro. to Computable General Equilibrium Models provides a hands-on introduction to CGE modeling. The downloadable archived models included below provide students with simple tools to develop their skills. These archived models also include experiments that allow students to replicate all tables and results in the book. - a v8.1 3-sector (AGR, MFG, SER) and 3-factor (LAND, LABOR and CAPITAL) model of the U.S. and ROW that is used in textbook examples and in most model exercises. Tax Toy - a v8.1 model of the U.S. and ROW that has zero initial taxes. Tax Toy can be used to study the introduction of one or more taxes into a distortion-free economy. - a v8.1, 3-sector (AGR, MFG, SER) model of the U.S. and ROW with two labor types (skilled and unskilled) plus capital. It is used in Model Exercise 6: How Immigration can Raise Wages. - a v8.1, 3-sector (Tobacco, MFG, SER) and 3-factor (LAND, LABOR, CAPITAL) model of the U.S. and ROW. It is used in Model Exercise 10: Successful Quitters: the Economic Effects of Growing Anti-Smoking Attitudes. - a v8.1 model of 3 countries (US, EU-28, ROW) and 3 commodities (AGR, MFG, SER). It is used in Model Exercise 11 - Deep Integration in The TTIP. - a version of PTAToyv8 for which Altertax was used to includes AVEs of NTMs. It is used in Model Exercise 11 - Deep Integration in The TTIP. - an adaptation of the GTAP model that defines factor substitution and Armington import demand elasticities (import-domestic and import-import) by country. This allows the student to define different supply and demand behaviors across regions. This version of the model uses the US3x3 database.

The book is available for purchase through Cambridge University Press.

Resource Details (Export Citation) GTAP Keywords
Category: Other CGE Application
Educational Material
Status: Not published
Date: 2016
Created: Burfisher, M. (6/12/2015)
Updated: Burfisher, M. (10/26/2017)
Visits: 4,551
- Baseline development
- Software and modeling tools
- Trade and the environment
- Domestic policy analysis
- Multilateral trade negotiations
- Non-Tariff barriers
- The GTAP Data Base and extensions

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