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GTAP Resource #5941

"Introduction to Computable General Equilibrium Models, 3e (2021)"
by Burfisher, Mary

The third edition of Introduction to Computable General Equilibrium Models provides students with a hands-on introduction to CGE modeling utilizing the GTAP v7 model, and it serves as a desk reference for more experienced modelers. It updates the second version of the book to be compatible with the GTAPv7 model and contains new topics including nondiagonal make matrices, MRIO/supply-chain CGE models, and domestic trade margins.

The downloadable archived models are small-dimension CGE models. They include experiments that replicate all tables and results in the book and they are used to carry out modeling exercises. These "toy" models serve as tools for developing applied modeling skills and to illustrate economic behavior in CGE models.

All model names have an N prefix, denoting that they are compatible with the GTAP v7 model. Downloadable versions of most of these models, that are compatible with the classic GTAP model, are still available under the entry for Burfisher GTAP resources, Intro to CGE Models, 2e.

Please note Errata file.

**************** ARCHIVED MODELS ******************* - The model used for demonstration in the book and in most model exercises. - A tax-free version of the NUS333 model, used in Chapter 8, used to explore the effects of introducing each tax type available in the GTAP model. - A model used to analyze the trade creation/diversion, terms-of-trade and second best efficiency effects of a PTA, using a Japan-US free trade agreement for demonstration. - A version of the NUSJToy model, after it is recalibrated to include the AVEs of nontechnical NTMs as surcharges to import tariffs and export subsidies. - A model used to describe a shift in consumer preferences and to demonstrate how to create a baseline scenario. - A model used to explore the effects of immigration on skilled and unskilled wages and capital returns.

Resource Details (Export Citation) GTAP Keywords
Category: Other CGE Application
Educational Material
Status: Published
By/In: Cambridge University
Date: 2021
Created: Burfisher, M. (10/9/2019)
Updated: Burfisher, M. (7/7/2021)
Visits: 3,822
- Climate change policy
- Technological change
- Domestic policy analysis
- Non-Tariff barriers
- Preferential trading arrangements
- The GTAP Data Base and extensions

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