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GTAP Resource #7334

"Augmenting the GTAP Database"
by McDonald, Scott, Yontem Sonmez and Karen Thierfelder

All databases for CGE models can be presented in a Social Accounting Matrix (SAM) format, which provides a comprehensive record of economic transactions in a concise and explicit representation of the transactions between agents/accounts. Since 2004, one representation of the GTAP database has been a global SAM with satellite accounts (McDonald and Thierfelder, 2004 and 2019) .
A SAM must be ‘complete’ and ‘consistent’: ‘complete’ in the sense that all transactions between accounts are reported and ‘consistent’ in the sense that total incomes equal total expenditures for all agents. The SAM representation of the GTAP database demonstrates that the information about inter institutional transactions within regions and inter institutional transactions between regions are ‘incomplete’. If a SAM is ‘consistent’ but ‘incomplete’, economic analyses are compromised because the recorded transactions must have been distorted when rendering the SAM ‘consistent’. The GTAP SAM is ‘consistent’ but ‘incomplete’. The analysis reported in this paper demonstrates the nature of the distortions in the GTAP SAM and provides a method by which the GTAP SAM may be augmented and thereby reduce the degrees of distortion.

Resource Details (Export Citation) GTAP Keywords
Category: GTAP Application
Status: Not published
Date: 2024
Version: 1
Created: Sonmez, Y. (4/15/2024)
Updated: Sonmez, Y. (4/15/2024)
Visits: 31
- GTAP Data Base and extensions
- Partial and general equilibrium models

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