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I-O Table Submission

GTAP Data Bases: I-O Table Submission

I-O Table: Argentina
Submitted By: Méndez Parra, Maximiliano
Submitted On: 7/10/2006
Sector Total: 50
Implemented In: GTAP 6 Data Base Final Release 1 Release Candidate 1
Principal Contributor: Maximilliano Méndez Parra
Other Contributor(s):
Funded By:
Original Data Source: National Institute of Statistics and Census - “Input – Output Matrix 1997” ; Secretary of Agriculture, Livestock-farming, Fisheries and Food Industry “The 2000 Agri-food social accounting matrix”.
Data Year: 2000
Data Units: millions of US dollars.
Table Type: Commodity by Commodity
Original Table Valued at: Basic
Agricultural Aggregations: No
Split Conflict: No
Table Improvements: The new table is an updated and more dissagregated table of the official 1997 Argentina’s Input-Output Matrix. The reference year is 2000. All the agricultural and the food sector have been developed from the 2000 Agri-food social accounting matrix which constitutes a deeper analysis of the relationships between the agriculture sector in itself and the rest of the economy. It accounts for the important technical change in the argentine agriculture and food industry (direct sowing, GMOs, more intensive use of fertilizers and chemicals, etc). This study have splitted all the oilseeds, cereals, fruits, vegetables and fisheries sector between their main commodities and captures.
Sector File File Format argsecok.txt
Mapping File File Format argm.txt
Documentation: Most Recent Documentation

GTAP 6 Data Base Documentation Forthcoming


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