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I-O Table Submission

GTAP Data Bases: I-O Table Submission

I-O Table: Belgium
Submitted By: Walmsley, Terrie
Submitted On: 1/14/2007
Sector Total: 57
Implemented In: GTAP 7 Data Base Pre-Release 1 Release Candidate 1
Principal Contributor: Myrna van Leeuwen (prinicipal)
Other Contributor(s): Frank van Tongeren Funding from European Commission
Funded By:
Original Data Source: Peeters (Limburgs Universitair Centrum LUC-Deipenbeek, Belgium)
Data Year: 1995
Data Units: millions of ECU
Table Type: Commodity by Commodity
Original Table Valued at: Basic
Agricultural Aggregations: No
Split Conflict: No
Table Improvements: Error in mapping, textiles and wearing apparel seemed to be the wrong way round. Error corrected thanks to David Laborde.
Sector File File Format belSEC.txt
Mapping File File Format belM.txt
Documentation: Most Recent Documentation

GTAP 7 Data Base Documentation Forthcoming


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