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I-O Table Submission

GTAP Data Bases: I-O Table Submission

I-O Table: Japan
Submitted By: Suzuki, Susumu
Submitted On: 12/13/2012
Sector Total: 50
Implemented In: GTAP 8 Data Base Interim Release 1 Release Candidate 1
Principal Contributor: Susumu Suzuki
Other Contributor(s): Shiro TAKEDA
Funded By:
Owner: Economic and Social Research Institute
Original Data Source: 2005 Input-Output Tables for Japan, Statistics Bureau, the Ministry of Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
Data Year: 2005
Data Units: million yen
Table Type: Commodity by Commodity
Original Table Valued at: Basic
Agricultural Aggregations: No
Split Conflict: No
Table Improvements: Base year has been updated to 2005.
Mapping File File Format JPNm.txt
Sector File File Format JPNs.txt
Documentation: Contributor Documentation

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