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GTAP Data Bases: Sample Aggregations

Encrypted aggregations of the GTAP 5 release are available for download with GView.

Aggregations of previous versions of the GTAP Data Base may be downloaded from the GTAP Resource Center and used for analysis.

If you wish to create your own aggregations, please purchase a copy of GTAPAgg. The GTAPAgg utility permits you to quickly customize your own 10x10 or smaller aggregations. The GTAP Center no longer provides an aggregation service.

Aggregations of the GTAP 5 Data Base
We currently offer two aggregations of the encrypted GTAP 5 data for user's choice. These aggregations are readily available in the default installation of GView.
A number of sample Aggregations based on older versions of the GTAP Data Base may be downloaded and used for analysis from this website.