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GTAP Data Bases: What do I do with a fictitious banking sector for imputed banking charges?

Imputed Banking charges
In cases where you have an additional column called imputed banking services which has a positive value in financial services and a negative in Gross operating surplus/value added:

Initial Table Non-Financial Financial Imputed banking charge Total
financial sector +Z +A +V Z+A+V
non financial sector +C +B 0 C+B
Imputed banking charge 0 0 0 0
Capital +X +Y -V X+Y-V
Total Z+C+X A+B+Y 0

  1. Apportion -V across the capital of all non-financial sectors (+X) according to each non-financial sectors share of X. Hence reducing X by V. Use X to determine shares for making the apportionment.

  2. Raise Z for each non-financial sector by the amount X was reduced by in (1). This will keep balance for all non-financial sectors.

  3. Remove imputed banking charge column and row. This will keep the financial sectors balanced as imputed banking column removed and Z was increased by V.
Resulting Table Non-Financial Financial Total
financial sector +Z+V +A Z+A+V
non financial sector +C +B C+B
Capital +X-V +Y X+Y-V
Total Z+C+X A+B+Y