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Dean Spinanger

Created: 9/20/2000
Updated: 4/1/2009
Visits: 4,816
Mr. Dean Spinanger
Senior Research Economist (ret.)

Kiel Institute for the World Economy
Jägerwinkel 7
Weddelbrook, Schleswig Holstein 24576
+49 4192 6990 (ph)
+49 4192 7142 (fx)

Dean Spinanger
Jägerwinkel 7,
24576 Weddelbrook
Telephone: 49-4192-6990

Current positions:
Managing Director, Trade Partnership Worldwide, LLC, 2001 to present.
Former: Senior Research Associate and Research Area Head,
Development Economics and Global Integration Department, Kiel Institute of World Economics
1972 to 2007.

Selected past positions:
1st Chairman, Pacific Rim Institute of Comparative Economic Studies (PRICES),
Hong Kong, 1988 to 1991.
Visiting Senior Fellow, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, 1995-96.
Conference at Purdue University on "Global Modelling" with co-paper on "Nontariff Protection: ATC et al.," 1998.
International Financial Corporation project regarding why companies invest, or do not invest, in Bangladesh, 2000.
Hong Kong government project on the impact of elimination of Multifiber Arrangement quotas and China’s accession to WTO on the Hong Kong textile and clothing industry, 1999-2000.
UNCTAD/UNDP project on Vietnam's WTO accession, 1999-2000.
APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) project on extent and ramifications of antidumping measures against APEC countries, 2001.
Co-consultant to Hong Kong Trade Development Council for general equilibrium analysis project on the impact of China’s WTO entry, 2000-2001.

Ph.D. in economics, magna cum laude, 1982, University of Kiel.
Diplom (Master's Degree) in Economics, 1971, Free University of Berlin.
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with distinction in economics, 1968, Ohio State University.

Recent Publications:
Winners and Losers in World Trade: Do Relative Prices Matter?, Oxford University Press, Oxford (co-author) forthcoming .
“Textiles beyond the MFA Phase-out,” The World Economy, vol. 20, June 1999, pp. 4: 455-476.
“Frontloading Protection: Canada's Approach to Phasing out the MFA,” The International Trade Journal, vol. 11, December 1997, pp. 433-451 (co-author).
“Of Tyre Cords, Ties and Tents: Window-Dressing in the ATC?,” The World Economy vol. 20, July 1997, pp. 407-434 (co-author).
“Old Treaties Never Die, but Will They Fade Away. Quo Vadis MFA?,” in Alfred Tovias and Ulrich Wacker (eds.), The World Trade System after the Uruguay Round – Implications for Israel and the European Union, Symposium, April 23-25, 1994, the Helmut Kohl Institute for European Studies and The Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung, 1997, Jerusalem, pp. 171-209
“Redeployment of Production, Trade Protection and the Global Firm's Strategy: The Case of Germany,” in Navaretti, Giorgio Barba, Riccardo Faini and Aubrey Silberston (eds.), Beyond the Multifibre Arrangement: Third World Competition and Restructuring Europe's Textile Industry, 1995: pp. 193-218, (co-author).

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