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Mussie Mindaye Hailesilassie

Created: 3/27/2023
Updated: 3/27/2023
Visits: 76
Mr. Mussie Mindaye Hailesilassie

Messina University
Piazza Pugliatti, 1 - 98122
Messina, Messina
+393281379395 (ph)

Curriculum Vitae - Mussie Mindaye Hailesilassie

Mussie Mindaye Haileselassie held different positions at the Ministry of Trade and Regional Integration, Ethiopia, from Junior Expert to Director General Level, International and Regional Trade Integration, for over 16 years. Mussie is a negotiator representing Ethiopia at different regional and multilateral levels, including the World Trade Organization (WTO), the Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA), and other regional as well as bilateral negotiations. Mussie participated in coordinating the different impact assessment studies conducted on trade policy and industrial competitiveness-related issues in Ethiopia’s different sectors and engaged in other research activities at the micro- and macro-level, including the potential and challenges of trade. Furthermore, Mussie was actively involved in the provision of training to create awareness of international trade rules and regulations for academies, the private sector, and governmental institutions.
As a negotiator, Mussie made Ethiopia a member of AfCFTA by being involved in different stages of negotiations (the Technical Working Group, the Negotiation Forum, Senior Trade Officials, and Ministerial level meetings). He also elaborates on the African Continental Free Trade Agreement with higher government officials, Parliament, and the private sector, and then approves and deposits it with the African Union Commission. Moreover, Mussie helped Ethiopia resume the World Trade Organization accession process after eight stalemates. In addition, Mussie prepares the goods and services offers and other negotiating documents both for the WTO and AfCFTA negotiations. He was engaged in research work on the Ethiopian economy at the National Bank of Ethiopia. Moreover, he prepared the Business Directory for the Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations, which indicates the different market opportunities in Ethiopia. He has also gained strong experience by conducting studies for the private sector on Ethiopia’s trade, industry, agriculture, and services sectors, as well as Ethiopian policies, laws, and regulations.
Moreover, Mussie serves as the head of the National WTO and Regional Trade Negotiation Technical Committee. Mussie has an M.A. degree in economics with a concentration in trade policies from Addis Ababa University. He also has a B.A. degree in Economics from Addis Ababa University and is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Messina in Italy. He has experience working as an expert, researcher, and lecturer in different public and private institutions.

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