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"Economic and Environmental Consequences of US Corn Ethanol Production: A Comprehensive Analysis"
by Taheripour, Farzad, Wally Tyner, Thomas Hertel, Alla Golub, Dileep Birur, Uris Lantz Baldos and Qianlai Zhuang

Recent concerns about the economic and environmental implications of biofuel production have provided incentives for research institutes, regulatory agencies, and independent researchers to use the GTAP model to evaluate these implications. In response, Taheripour et al. 2007 have introduced biofuels into the GTAP data base. Birur, Hertel, and Tyner (2008) have incorporated biofuels into the GTAP-E model. Hertel, Tyner, and Birur (2008) have augmented this model with a land use module to depict the global competition for land among land use sectors. A major attempt has been made to introduce production, consumption, and trade of biofuel byproducts into the GTAP modeling framework. Taheripour et al. (2009) and Taheripour, Hertel, and Tyner (2009) represent the latest modifications in this area. Recently, Birur (2010) has added two new land categories of cropland pasture and unused cropland (e.g. retired cropland under the US Conservation Reserve Program (CRP)) into the supply of land defined in GTAP.
These papers have improved the abilities of the GTAP-BIO model in analyzing the economic and environmental impacts of biofuels in several directions. However, in some cases these improvements are developed in parallel and as a result currently we have several versions of the GTAP-BIO model based on different setups, assumptions, and structures. In a recent work Tyner et al. (2001) merged all improvements made for the GTAP-BIO into one new version, nicked named GTAP-BIO-ADV. They have used the new model and developed several experiments to investigate the land use implications due to the US ethanol production under different sets of assumptions and economic setup. These authors have not analyzed other impacts of ethanol production for the global economy.
In this paper first we review the GTAP-BIO-ADV model and its major components. Then we use it to provide a comprehensive analysis of the global economic and environmental impacts of US ethanol production.

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Category: 2010 Conference Paper
Status: Published
By/In: Presented at the 13th Annual Conference on Global Economic Analysis, Penang, Malaysia
Date: 2010
Created: Taheripour, F. (4/15/2010)
Updated: Taheripour, F. (4/15/2010)
Visits: 5,870
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