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GTAP Resource #3376

"Biofuel Sustainability and Supply Scenarios: A Global CGE Analysis"
by Elbehri, Aziz

Biofuel development is increasingly contingent on the sustainability, particularly in terms of GHG emissions, and this would tend to favour biomass-biofuels combinations that demonstrably show larger positive GHG footprints, particularly tropical based biofuels (sugar cane ethanol, palm oil biodiesel) and second generation (cellulosic) biofuels. The key question is whether developed economies should rely exclusively on their own domestic production for meeting national biofuel targets, or import biofuels or biomass from cost effective tropical countries. In this paper, we apply a variation of the multi-country GTAP-E CGE model (GLOMAB) to explore this issue. The model features biomass and bioenergy sectors and allowing for different fuel-biomass substitution nesting structure on the production side. In First generation feedstocks modeled include starch ethanol (from maize and cassava), sugar ethanol from sugar cane, tropical biodiesel from palm oil and Jatropha, and temperate biodiesel from soybeans and rapeseed. Second generation bioenergy include cellulosic ethanol using agricultural residues and woody biomass. In the model, agricultural residues are by products of maize, wheat, rice and sugarcane. The model can also be linked to micro-simulations using household data to generate results at more disaggregated household types, hence providing more insights for poverty and food security implications. The model is applied to examine the production, price, and welfare implications for households arising from alternative biofuel supply and demand strategies driven by national biofuel targets (mandates) under pre-determined sustainability constraints, under different biomass-biofuel specific thresholds for GHG emission balances. The analysis will focus on supply scenarios to reach current biofuel mandates in industrial economies (US, EU) and key number of tropical developing countries with active biofuel production potential.

Resource Details (Export Citation) GTAP Keywords
Category: GTAP Application
Status: Not published
Date: 2010
Created: Elbehri, A. (4/15/2010)
Updated: Batta, G. (5/10/2010)
Visits: 1,525
- Renewable energy
- Europe (Western)
- North America

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