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GTAP Resource #6182

"GTAPv7-MRIO model -- Stand-alone package and RunGTAP Application (Zip archive)"
by Corong, Erwin

The GTAP-MRIO model extends the standard GTAP model (Corong et al., 2017) by distinguishing import and tariff flows by agents or so-called end-users, namely: firms, private household, government and investors. The model is distributed as a RunGTAP archive ( and a stand-alone package (, with all files needed to run test simulations using an aggregated 10x10 version of the GTAP-MRIO 10A Data Base.

For details see:
Corong, E. (2020). The GTAPv7 Multi Region Input Output (MRIO) model. GTAP Research Memorandum No. 36. Center for Global Trade Analysis, Purdue University.


Carrico, C., E. Corong, and D. van der Mensbrugghe (2020). The GTAP version 10A Multi-Region Input Output (MRIO) Data Base". GTAP Memorandum 34. Center for Global Trade Analysis, Purdue University

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Category: GTAP Application
Model file (.TAB)
Product Updates
Status: Not published
Date: 2020
Created: Aguiar, A. (9/29/2020)
Updated: Corong, E. (1/26/2021)
Visits: 2,015
- Software
- The GTAP Data Base and extensions

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Public Access
  File format GTAPv7-mrio  (9.3 MB)   Replicated: 0 time(s)
  File format GTAPv7-MRIO_RunGTAP_Zip_Archive  (25.9 MB)   Replicated: 0 time(s)

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Special Instructions
The GTAPv7-mrio file contains a stand-alone package of the GTAPv7-mrio model. For the RunGTAP version, download GTAPv7-MRIO_RunGTAP_Zip_Archive.

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Posted by: Tao, Zhang   5/11/2022 10:43:00 AM
Sorry for that , the "GTAP Research Memorandum No. 36”is not available. Corong, E. (2020). The GTAPv7 Multi Region Input Output (MRIO) model.