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"Evaluating Environmental Clubs as a Strategy for Sustainable Food Systems: Practical alternative Pathway or Pie in the Sky?"
by Berthet, Etienne, Ilaria Fusacchia and Alessandro Antimiani

This study explores the potential of environmental clubs, specifically transformational clubs, as alternatives to traditional diplomatic efforts in achieving sustainable systems, with a focus on Sustainable Food Systems. Over the last three decades, despite significant advancements and numerous formal agreements like the UNFCCC, progress in areas such as GHG emission reduction has been limited. The study delves into the "club" approach, which offers clear targets, specific conditions for membership, and potential sanctions for non-compliance. This method starts with smaller groups and aims to expand, providing trade advantages and technological access for compliant members while penalizing non-compliers.

Unlike traditional focuses, this research extends to broader sustainability challenges, particularly deforestation, which is not typically linked to specific trading mechanisms. The relevance of the club model is highlighted by the pressures on global forest resources, with deforestation driven primarily by agriculture. A counterfactual scenario centered on a "forest club" initiated by the EU examines the effects of trade restrictions on countries with significant deforestation, simulating impacts on global GDP, welfare, and land use.

Our simulations suggest that such a club could effectively reduce global deforestation and encourage international cooperation, relying on the right incentives and substantial benefits to attract participation. The study uses the GTAPAEZ database, enhanced with the latest FAO data, to navigate the complexities of addressing deforestation at the national level, showing how strategic cooperation can be more effective than traditional methods.

Resource Details (Export Citation) GTAP Keywords
Category: 2024 Conference Paper
Status: Not published
By/In: Presented during the 27th Annual Conference on Global Economic Analysis (Fort Collins, Colorado, USA)
Date: 2024
Version: 1
Created: Berthet, E. (4/14/2024)
Updated: Berthet, E. (4/14/2024)
Visits: 104
- Climate change policy
- Environmental policies
- Land use
- Non-Tariff barriers
- Global

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Posted by: Berthet, Etienne   4/14/2024 6:54:00 PM