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I-O Table Submission

GTAP Data Bases: I-O Table Submission

I-O Table: Panama
Submitted By: Ludena, Carlos
Submitted On: 5/26/2008
Sector Total: 27
Implemented In: GTAP 7 Data Base Final Release 1 Release Candidate 1
Principal Contributor: Marco V. Sanchez and Rob Vos
Other Contributor(s): Carlos Ludena
Funded By: The preparation of the I-O table for GTAP was facilitated by resources from ECLAC, the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations (UN-DESA) and Germanys International Cooperation Agency (GTZ). The original SAM was prepared with the auspices of the UNDP Office of Panama. The inclusion of Panama into GTAP is the result of a collaborative effort between ECLAC and UN-DESA to facilitate improved quantitative trade and macroeconomic policy analysis in Central America.
Owner: Rob Vos
Original Data Source: SAM built by Marco V. Sanchez and Rob Vos based on Supply and Use Tables from "Contraloria General de Panama" for the realization of the study (see Appendix 4): Sanchez, Marco V. and R. Vos (2005), 'Impacto del Tratado de Libre Comercio con los Estados Unidos en el crecimiento, la pobreza y la desigualdad en Panama: Una evaluacion ex-ante usando un modelo de equilibrio general computable dinamico'. Final project report prepared for the UNDP Office and the Government of Panama. The authors were affiliated to the Institute of Social Studies in The Hague, The Netherlands, during the implementation of the project.
Data Year: 1996
Data Units: millions of local currency (balboas)
Table Type: Commodity by Commodity
Original Table Valued at: Purchaser
Agricultural Aggregations: Yes
Split Conflict: No
Table Improvements: New country
Mapping File File Format PANm.txt
Sector File File Format PANsec.txt
Documentation: Most Recent Documentation

GTAP 7 Data Base Documentation Forthcoming


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