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I-O Table Submission

GTAP Data Bases: I-O Table Submission

I-O Table: South Africa
Submitted By: Punt, Cecilia
Submitted On: 8/1/2008
Sector Total: 41
Implemented In: GTAP 7 Data Base Final Release 1 Release Candidate 1
Principal Contributor: Cecilia Punt
Other Contributor(s):
Funded By:
Owner: Western Cape Department of Agriculture
Original Data Source: 2002 Supply and Use tables of Statistics South Africa, 2005 totals from South African Reserve Bank and 2005 trade and tariff data from the South African Revenue Service
Data Year: 2005
Data Units: South African Rand (million)
Table Type: Commodity by Commodity
Original Table Valued at: Purchaser
Agricultural Aggregations:
Split Conflict: No
Table Improvements: The current data for South Africa is for the year 2005, although the underlying data are supply and use tables for 2002. The control totals at the nine sector level, and other macro totals such as government and households expenditure, as well as trade and tariff data are for 2005. The data was balanced using a phased entropy approach. The previous data was for 1994. The improvement over the last GTAP IO table therefore relates mainly to a more recent base year. The submitted data is an aggregation of the 57 GTAP sectors and contains 41 sectors, including a single agricultural sector. The previous submission contained the full 57 sectors.
Mapping File File Format zafM.txt
Sector File File Format zafSEC.txt
Documentation: Most Recent Documentation

GTAP 7 Data Base Documentation Forthcoming


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