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Madanmohan Ghosh

Created: 6/27/2001
Updated: 4/25/2022
Visits: 3,027
Dr. Madanmohan Ghosh
Principal Economist

Bank of Canada
234 Wellington Street
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0H9
6134024024 (ph)

Curriculum Vitae - Madanmohan Ghosh



Ph.D in Economics, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, 1999. Dissertation Title: The Revival of Regional Trade Arrangements: Implications for Indian Trade Policy, Advisor: Manmohan Agarwal.

Publications in leading professional journals and books

• Effects of the rise in oil price on emissions and the economy: A computable general equilibrium analysis for Canada. Accepted in Energy Policy.

• Impacts of Technology uncertainty on Energy Use, Emission and Abatement Cost in USA: Simulation results from Environment Canada’s Integrated Assessment Model for EMF 24 US Scenarios. (with Yunfa Zhu). The Energy Journal (2014) Vol. 35, No. SI1.

• Production versus Consumption-Based Emission Targeting: Implications for Developing and Developed Economies (with Manmohan Agarwal). Environment and Development Economics, available at CJO2013. doi:10.1017/S1355770X13000582.

• Temperature control, emission abatements and costs: Key EMF 27 results from the Environment Canada integrated assessment model (with Yunfa Zhu). Climatic Change (2014) 123:571–582.

• Analysis of the Marginal Abatement Cost of GHG Emissions across Regions: Insights from a CGE Model (with Deming Luo, Muhammad Shahid Siddiqui and Yunfa Zhu), in Jingwen Li and Liao Mei (eds), “Proceedings of 2nd Annual Conference of Asian-European Energy Policy Research Network: Transition Towards Low Carbon Transport: Asian and European Perspectives”. Beijing University of Technology. 2013

• Impact of Foreign Ownership Restrictions on FDI Stock in OECD Countries (with Panagiotis Syntetos and Weimin Wang). Global Economy Journal, Vol.(12:3, Article 1) 2012.

• Border tax adjustments in the climate policy context: CO2 versus broad-based GHG emission targeting (with Deming Luo, Muhammad Shahid Siddiqui and Yunfa Zhu). Energy Economics (2012), Vol 34. (sp 2).

• An India-China FTA: Potential Economic Implications for the Asian and the North American Economies (with Manmohan Agarwal). South Asia Economic Journal, Vol. 12(2): 185-220, October 2011.

• Canada and US Outward FDI and Exports: Are China and India
Special? (with Weimin Wang). International Trade Journal, 25(4):465-512, August 2011.

• Chinese Accession to the WTO: Economic Implications for the Asian and North American Economies (with Someshwar Rao). Journal of Policy Modeling, Volume 32(3):389-398, May-June 2010.

• Does FDI Accelerate Economic Growth? The OECD Experience Based on Panel Data Estimates for the Period 1980-2004 (with Weimin Wang), Global Economy Journal, 9 (4), Article 1, 2009.

• State-Owned Enterprises, Shirking and Trade Liberalization (with John Whalley), Economic Modelling, 25: 1206-1215, October 2008.

• Endogenous Effort and Intersectoral Labour Transfers under Industrialization (with John Whalley), Journal of Economic Integration, 22(3):461-481, September 2007.

• R&D Policies and Endogenous Growth: A Dynamic General Equilibrium Analysis of the Case for Canada. Review of Development Economics, 11(1): 187-203, February 2007.

• Is Canada Underperforming in Foreign Direct Investment and Exports to China? (with Weimin Wang), HORIZONS, 9(2): 55-58, August 2006.

• Effects of A Free Trade Area of The Americas (FTAA): Evaluation Based on A Dynamic Global General Equilibrium Model (with Carolyn Mac Leod), Integration and Trade, 24: 27-61, June 2006.

• Adjustment Costs in Labour Markets and the Distributional Effects of Trade Liberalization: Analytics and Calculations for Vietnam (with Nguyen Chan, Tran Kim Dung and John Whalley), Journal of Policy Modeling, 27(9): 1009-1024, December 2005.

• Economic Impacts of a Possible Canada-U.S. Customs Union: Simulation Results from a Dynamic CGE Model (with Someshwar Rao), Journal of Policy Modeling, 27(7): 805-827, October 2005.

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