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Truong Truong

Created: 3/21/2001
Updated: 4/18/2012
Visits: 7,279
Dr. Truong Truong
Honorary Professor of Sustainable Transport Systems

Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies
Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies (C37)
The University of Sydney Business School
The University of Sydney , NSW 2006
+61 (2) 9351 0118 (ph)
+61 (2) 9351 0088 (fx)

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T.P. Truong (1985) "Inter-Fuel and Inter-Factor Substitution in N.S.W. Manufacturing Industry", Economic Record, 61, September, pp. 644-653.
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V.B. Hall, T.P. Truong, and V.A. Nguyen (1989) "Responses to World Oil and Coal Shocks in a short run Fuel Substitution Tax Model", The Australian Economic Review, 3rd Quarter, pp. 25-38.
V.B. Hall, T.P. Truong, and V.A. Nguyen (1990) "An Australian Fuel Substitution Tax Model: ORANI-LFT" (with V.B. Hall and Nguyen Van Anh), Energy Economics, Vol. 12, No. 4, October, pp 255-268.
Claudia Kemfert, Truong P. Truong, and Thomas Bruckner (2006) “Economic Impact Assessment of Climate Change — A Multi-gas Investigation with WIAGEM-GTAPEL-ICM” The Energy Journal, Special Edition on Multi-Greenhouse Gas Mitigation and Climate Policy.
Claudia Kemfert, Michael Kohlhaas, Truong Truong, and Artem Protsenko (2006) “The environmental and economic effects of European emissions trading” Climate Policy, Vol. 6, No. 4, pp .441-455.
Claudia Kemfert, and Truong Truong (2007) “Impact assessment of emissions stabilization scenarios with and without induced technological change” Energy Policy, Vol. 35, Issue 11, pp .5337-5345.
Truong P. Truong and Claudia Kemfert (2007) “A Flexible Global Warming Index for Use in an Integrated Approach to Climate Change Assessment” Environmental Modeling and Assessment, DOI: 10.1007/s10666-007-9114-6.
Truong, T.P. (2004) “Global Warming and Emission Trading”, Chapter 34 in Hensher, D.A. and K. J. Button (eds.), Handbook of Transport and the Environment, Volume 4, Elsevier, pages 615-631. ISBN 0-08-044103-3.
Truong T 2010 'A comparative study of selected Asian countries on carbon emissions with respect to different trade and climate changes mitigation policy scenarios', Asia-Pacific Research and Training Network on Trade (ArTNET), Working Paper No. 86.
Truong T and Mikic M 2010 'Trade and Climate Change – Development of the Emission Intensity Indices', Asia-Pacific Research and Training Network on Trade (ArTNET) Alerts on Emerging Policy Challenges, No. 6.
Truong T and Hensher DA 2012 'Linking Discrete Choice to Continuous Demand within the framework of a Computable General Equilibrium Model', Transportation Research Part B, vol.46:9, pp. 1177-1201
Hensher DA, Truong T, Mulley C and Ellison R 2012 'Assessing the wider economy impacts of transport infrastructure investment with an illustrative application to the North-West Rail Link project in Sydney, Australia', Journal of Transport Geography, vol.24, pp. 292-305
Truong P Truong and David Hensher, 2014 'Linking discrete choice to continuous demand in a spatial computable general equilibrium model', Journal of Choice Modelling, Volume 12, September, Pages 21–46.

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