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Ziliang Deng

Created: 10/31/2006
Updated: 1/23/2016
Visits: 1,581
Dr. Ziliang Deng
Associate Professor

Renmin University of China
School of Business
59 Zhong Guan Cun Avenue, Haidian District
Beijing 100872
+8610 8250 0498 (ph)
+8610 8250 9169 (fx)

BA (Renmin), MA (Renmin), PGRC (Nanyang Technological) PhD (Nottingham)

Selected journal publications

1. Deng, Z.*; G. Kong; H. Guo. 2011. 'Foreign Direct Investment Efficiency Spillovers in the Chinese Banking System'. Global Economic Review. Vol. 40(2): 179-191. (Routledge, SSCI)

2. Deng, Z.; R.-J. B. Jean; R. Sinkovics*. 2012. 'Determinants of International Innovation Performance in Chinese Manufacturing Firms: An Integrated Perspective'. Asian Business & Management. Vol. 11(1): 31–55. (Palgrave, SSCI)

3. Wang, C.; Z. Deng*; M. Kafouros; Y. Chen. 2012. 'Reconceptualizing the Spillover Effects of Foreign Direct Investment: A Process-dependent Approach', International Business Review. Vol. 21(3): 452-464. (Elsevier, SSCI)

4. Deng, Z.*; R. Falvey; A. Blake. 2012. "Trading Market Access for Technology? Tax Incentives, Foreign Direct Investment and Productivity Spillovers in China". Journal of Policy Modeling. Vol. 34(5): 675-690. (Elsevier, SSCI)

5. Newman, A.; D. Borgia; Z. Deng*. 2013. 'How Do SMEs with Single and Multiple Owners Finance Their Operations Differently? Empirical Evidence from China'. Thunderbird International Business Review. Vol. 55(5): 531-544. (Wiley)

6. Deng, Z.; P. Hofman; A. Newman*. 2013. 'Ownership Concentration and Product Innovation in Chinese Private Small and Medium-sized Enterprises'. Asia Pacific Journal of Management. Vol. 30(3): 717-734. (Springer, SSCI)

7. Deng, Z.*; R. Falvey; A. Blake. 2013. 'Quantifying Foreign Direct Investment Productivity Spillovers in China: A Computable General Equilibrium Model '. Asian Economic Journal. Vol. 27(4): 369–389. (Wiley, SSCI)

8. Deng, Z.; H. Guo*; W. Zhang; C. Wang. 2014. 'Innovation and Survival of Exporters: A Contingency Perspective'. International Business Review. Vol. 23(2): 396-406. (Elsevier, SSCI)

9.Deng, Z.; L. Hou*. 2014. 'Financial Underdevelopment, Distorted Lending and Export Market Survival'. Journal of International Trade & Economic Development. Vol. 23(5): 600-625. (Routledge, SSCI)

10. Yao. J.; Deng, Z.* 2015. ‘Scheduling Optimization in the Mass Customization of Global Producer Services’. IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management. 62(4): 591 – 603. (SSCI, SCI)

11. Yuan, X.; Deng, Z.*, Jean, R.J.; Kim, D. 2015. ‘Hierarchical Linear Modeling in International Marketing Research: A Review with an Application on Innovation and Export in China’. Frontiers of Business Research in China. 9(2): 135-160. (Springer)

12. Wang, S.; Cavusoglu, H.; Deng, Z.* 2016. Early Mover Advantage in Low Entry Barrier Ecommerce Platforms: The Role of Customer Relationship Management Capabilities. Information and Management. DOI: 10.1016/ (Elsevier, SSCI)

(* for corresponding author)

Z. Deng. Foreign Direct Investment in China: Spillover Effects on Domestic Enterprises. London & New York: Routledge. 2011.

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