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GTAP University (GTAP-U): 2006 Short Course in Dynamic Global Trade Analysis

2006 Short Course in Dynamic Global Trade Analysis
"Dynamic Modeling and Applications in Global Economic Analysis"

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General Information
Date: October 6-11, 2006
Location: Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, USA
Offered by: Center for Global Trade Analysis, Purdue University

Course Graduates
15 individuals from 10 different countries completed the 2006 Short Course in Dynamic Global Trade Analysis.

Small Group Presentations
Final presentations for the small group projects are available for download.

PPT file Presentation 1 - Effect of capital rigidity in China when trade is liberalized

PPT file Presentation 2 - Implications of China's Accession to the WTO for Sectoral Adjustment in China and USA

PPT file Presentation 3 - No Capital Mobility

PPT file Presentation 4 - Relative Impacts of MFA Quota and Tariff Reform (Graphs)

PPT file Presentation 5 - The Effect of Total Factor Productivity in China's Accession to WTO

PPT file Presentation 6 - China - Southasia FTA Additional Impacts WTO China's WTO Accession

PPT file Presentation 7 - How do capital flows affect trade balance?

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