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GTAP University (GTAP-U): 12th Annual Short Course in Global Trade Analysis

12th Annual Short Course in Global Trade Analysis
"Introduction to Applied General Equilibrium Analysis in a Multi-Region Framework"

General Information
Date: August 7 - 13, 2004
Location: Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, USA
Offered by: Center for Global Trade Analysis, Purdue University

Course Graduates
32 participants from 17 different countries completed the 12th Annual Short Course in Global Trade Analysis.

Small Group Presentations
Final presentations for the small group projects are available for download.

PDF file Free Trade in the Americas

Pattama Teanravistsagool, Nelson Villoria, Amer Syud, Misa Okaba, Alvaro Durand-Morat, Patrick Osakwe, Nizwar Syafa'At, Atsuyuki Uebayash

PDF file EU Expansion and the Benefits of EU-RSA FTA

Haiyan Wang, Peter Minor, Judi Sigurdson, Tawhid Al-Saffy, Alex Yoo, Lisa Borgatti

PDF file EU-Morocco FTA (employment, agriculture, imperfect competition)

Jan Hagemejer, Marie Rau, Hakim Ben Hammouda, Selami Xhepa, Michael Ferrantino, Hitomi Lisaka, Nora Dihel, Sara Wong

PDF file Can the Cost Burden of Kyoto Be Relieved through Trade Liberalization with non-Kyoto Countries?

Niven Winchester, Steven Rose

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