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Onil Banerjee

Created: 4/11/2005
Updated: 4/13/2023
Visits: 3,203
Dr. Onil Banerjee
Natural Resource Economist

Atmaya Residence No. 8C 22152
2026150603 (ph)
2026150603 (fx)

Curriculum Vitae - Onil Banerjee

Banerjee, O., Cicowiez, M., Vargas, R. and Horridge, M. In review. The SEEA-Based Integrated Economic-Environmental Modelling Framework: An Illustration with Guatemala’s Fuelwood/Forest Sector. Environmental and Resource Economics.

Banerjee, O., Henseler, M., Maisonnave, H., Beyene, L.M., and Velasco, M. in press. An Integrated Model for Evaluating Investments in Cultural Heritage Tourism in the Dominican Republic. Tourism Economics.

Lal, P., Wolde, B., Masozera, M., Burli, P., Alavalapati, J.R.R., Ranjan, A., Montambault, J., Banerjee, O., Ochuodho, T. and Mugabo, R. 2017. Valuing Visitor Services and Access to Protected Areas in Rwanda: The Case of Nyungwe National Park. Tourism Management, 61, pp. 141-151.

Banerjee, O., Alavalapati, J.R.R. and Lima, E. 2016. A Framework for Ex-Ante Analysis of Public Investment in Forest-based Development: An Application to the Brazilian Amazon. Forest Policy and Economics, 73, pp. 204 - 214.

Banerjee, O., Cicowiez, M. and Cotta, J. 2016. Economics of Tourism Investment in Data Scarce Countries. Annals of Tourism Research, 60, pp. 115 - 138.

Banerjee, O., Cicowiez, M., Horridge, M. and Vargas, R. 2016. A Conceptual Framework for Integrated Economic-Environmental Modelling. Journal of Environment and Development, 25(3), pp.276 - 305.

Banerjee, O., Mahzab, M.M. and Asaduzzaman, M., 2015. Toward 2021: Examining Drivers of Change in Bangladesh. Bangladesh Development Studies, 38(1).

Banerjee, O., Cicowiez, M. and Gachot, S. 2015. A Quantitative Framework for Assessing Public Investment in Tourism: An Application to Haiti. Tourism Management, 51, pp. 157-173.

Banerjee, O., Mahzab, M.M., Raihan, S. and Islam, N.K.K., 2015. An Economy-Wide Analysis of Climate Change Impacts on Agriculture and Food Security in Bangladesh. Climate Change Economics, 6(1).

Wittwer, G. and Banerjee, O., 2015. Investing in Irrigation Development in North West Queensland, Australia. Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, 59(2), 189-207.

Banerjee, O., Darbas, T., Brown, P.R. and Roth, C.H., 2014. Historical Divergence in Public Management of Food Grain Systems in India and Bangladesh: Opportunities to Enhance Food Security. Global Food Security, 3(3-4), 159-166.

Banerjee, O., 2014. Investing in Recovering Water for the Environment in Australia’s Murray-Darling Basin. International Journal of Water Resources Development, 31(4), 701-717.

Banerjee, O. and Bark, R., 2013. Incentives for Ecosystem Service Supply in Australia’s Murray-Darling Basin. International Journal of Water Resources Development, 29(4), 544-556.

Banerjee, O., Bark, R., Connor, J. and Crossman, N., 2013. An Ecosystem Services Approach to Estimating Economic Losses Associated with Drought. Ecological Economics, 91, 19-27.

Banerjee, O., Macpherson, A.J. and Alavalapati, J.R.R., 2012. Socioeconomic and Land Use Trade-Offs of Ethanol Expansion in Brazil. Journal of Sustainable Forestry, 31(1), 98-119.

Garrick, D., Bark, R., Connor, J. and Banerjee, O., 2012. The Subsidiarity Principle in Environmental Water Governance: Opportunities and Limits for a Local Role in the Southern Connected Murray, Australia. Water Policy, 14, 915-936.

Huang, M., Alavalapati, J.R.R. and Banerjee, O., 2012. Economy-wide Impacts of Forest Bioenergy in Florida: A Computable General Equilibrium Analysis. Taiwan Journal of Forest Science, 27(1), 81-93.

Banerjee, O. and Alavalapati, J.R.R., 2010. Illicit Exploitation of Natural Resources: The Forest Concessions in Brazil. Journal of Policy Modelling, 32, 488-504.

Banerjee, O. and Alavalapati, J.R.R., 2009. Computable General Equilibrium Analysis of Forest Concessions in Brazil. Forest Policy and Economics, 11(4), 244-252.

Banerjee, O., Macpherson, A.J. and Alavalapati, J.R.R., 2009. Toward a Policy of Sustainable Forest Management in Brazil: A Historical Analysis. Journal of Environment and Development, 18(2), 130-153.

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