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GTAP Resource #449

"GTAP 4 Data Base Documentation - Chapter 13"
by Acar, Mustafa, Emiko Fukase, Will Martin, Robert McDougall, Marinos Tsigas and Wusheng Yu

Chapter 13 - Protection data
13.1 Sources of merchandise tariff data
William Martin, Jersey Rozanski, Emiko Fukase And Wusheng Yu
13.1.1 Merchandise tariff data from the World Bank
13.1.2 Merchandise tariff data from the GATT/IDB
13.1.3 Combining the two merchandise data source
13.2 Agricultural protection OECD countries
Marinos Tsigas
13.2.1 Border measures
13.2.2 Producer subsidies
13.2.3 Data Sources
13.2.4 Assumptions
13.3 Agricultural protection non-OECD coutries
Mustafa Acar and Robert McDougall
13.3.1 Adjustment Procedure 
13.3.2 Import Tariffs
13.3.3 Export Subsidies
13.4 Construction of the Protection Data
Wusheng Yu
13.4.1 Assembling the Tariff Matrix
13.4.2. Assembling the entire protection data package

Resource Details (Export Citation) GTAP Keywords
Category: GTAP 4 Data Base Documentation
Status: Published
By/In: Center for Global Trade Analysis
Date: 1999
Version: n.a.
Created: Bacou, M. (11/7/2000)
Updated: Bacou, M. (11/7/2000)
Visits: 4,553
- The GTAP Data Base and extensions

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