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GTAP Data Bases: GTAP Africa 2 Data Base Regions

Number Code Description
1 Oceania View/Hide Oceania
2 EastAsia View/Hide East Asia
3 SEAsia View/Hide Southeast Asia
4 SouthAsia View/Hide South Asia
5 NorthAmerica View/Hide North America
6 LatinAmerica View/Hide Latin America
7 EU27 View/Hide European Union 27
8 RestEurope View/Hide Rest of Europe
9 MiddleEast View/Hide Middle East
10 egy Egypt
11 mar Morocco
12 tun Tunisia
13 xnf View/Hide Rest of North Africa
14 ben Benin
15 bfa Burkina Faso
16 cmr Cameroon
17 civ Cote d'Ivoire
18 gha Ghana
19 gin Guinea
20 nga Nigeria
21 sen Senegal
22 tgo Togo
23 xwf View/Hide Rest of Western Africa
24 xcf View/Hide Rest of Central Africa
25 xac View/Hide Rest of South Central Africa
26 eth Ethiopia
27 ken Kenya
28 mdg Madagascar
29 mwi Malawi
30 mus Mauritius
31 moz Mozambique
32 rwa Rwanda
33 tza Tanzania
34 uga Uganda
35 zmb Zambia
36 zwe Zimbabwe
37 xec View/Hide Rest of Eastern Africa
38 bwa Botswana
39 nam Namibia
40 zaf South Africa
41 xsd View/Hide Rest of South African Customs Union
42 RestofTheWorld View/Hide Rest of The World