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GTAP Data Bases: GTAP 9 Data Base Documentation

Please use the following when citing the GTAP 9 Data Base:

Aguiar, Angel, Badri Narayanan, & Robert McDougall. "An Overview of the GTAP 9 Data Base." Journal of Global Economic Analysis 1, no. 1 (June 3,2016): 181-208.
A link to this publication may be found here:

Note: Unlinked chapters are still in progress. Please refer to the corresponding chapters in the GTAP 8 Data Base Documentation for further information.

Part I: Introduction

Chapter 1: Introduction
Badri Narayanan G. and Thomas W. Hertel

Chapter 2: Guide to the GTAP Data Base
Badri Narayanan G. and Robert A. McDougall

Chapter 3: What's New in GTAP 9
Badri Narayanan G.

Part II: Software

Chapter 4: FlexAgg2.0: An Improved Version of the Data Aggregation Program FlexAgg
Nelson Villoria and Robert A. McDougall

Chapter 5: GTAPAgg Data Aggregation Program
Mark Horridge

Part III: Data Sources and Construction Procedures

Chapter 6: Macroeconomic Data
Angel H. Aguiar

Chapter 7: Regional Input-Output Data
Angel H. Aguiar

Chapter 7.A: Australia
Daniel Marshall, Philip Harslett, and Patrick Jomini

Chapter 7.B: Benin
Badri Narayanan

Chapter 7.C: Brunei Darussalam
Ken Itakura

Chapter 7.D: Burkina Faso
Lacina Balma, Dramanake Bako

Chapter 7.E: China
Liu Yu and Chen Jie

Chapter 7.F: Colombia
Gabriel Piraquive Galeano and Erick Céspedes Rangel

Chapter 7.G: Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, and Puerto Rico
Carlos Ludeña and Mark Horridge

Chapter 7.H: Guinea
Lacina Balma and Ismael Fofana

Chapter 7.I: Japan
Suzumu Suzuki and Shiro Takeda

Chapter 7.J: Jordan
Hedi Bchir, Sandra El-Saghir Sinno, and Angel Aguiar

Chapter 7.K: Korea
Jong-Hwan Ko

Chapter 7.L: Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, Rwanda and Zambia
Zekarias Hussein and James Thurlow

Chapter 7.M: New Zealand
Anna Strutt and Papu Siameja

Chapter 7.N: Nigeria
Khalid Siddig and Jonas Luckmann

Chapter 7.O: Norway
Glen Peters, Robbie Andrew

Chapter 7.P: Pakistan
Dario Debowicz, Sherman Robinson, Hamza Syed Haider, and Paul Dorosh

Chapter 7.Q: Paraguay
Martin Cicowiez, Horacio Santander, and Carlos Ludeña

Chapter 7.R: Senegal
Angel Aguiar

Chapter 7.S: Singapore
Nhi Tran

Chapter 7.T: Taiwan
Hsing-Chun Lin and Shih-Hsun Hsu

Chapter 7.U: Togo
Lacina Balma and Damien Agbodji

Chapter 7.V: Turkey
Mustafa Acar and Levent Aydin

Chapter 8: Processing of Input-Output Data

Chapter 8.A: Food and Agricultural Data Base
Everett B. Peterson

Chapter 8.B: Food and Agricultural Data Base: Local Modifications
Robert A. McDougall

Chapter 8.C: Agricultural Production Targeting
Zekarias Hussein, Robert A. McDougall, Badri Narayanan G. and Iman Haqiqi

Chapter 8.D: Disaggregation of Input-Output Tables
Robert A. McDougall

Chapter 8.E: Government Consumption
Angel H. Aguiar and Robert A. McDougall

Chapter 8.F: Representative Table and Composite Regions
Badri Narayanan G.

Chapter 9: Construction of the Trade Data

Chapter 9.A: Reconciling Merchandise Trade Data
Mark J. Gehlhar

Chapter 9.B: Re-Export Trade for the Netherlands and Singapore
Mark J. Gehlhar

Chapter 9.C: Transport Margins and Modes
Mark J. Gehlhar and Robert A. McDougall

Chapter 9.D: Services Trade Data
Nico van Leeuwen and Robert A. McDougall

Chapter 10: Protection and Support

Data Files Containing Domestic Support Inputs to the GTAP Data Base

Chapter 10.A: Agricultural Domestic Support
Hsin Huang

Chapter 10.B: Domestic Support in the European Union
Pierre H. Boulanger, George Philippidis and Hans Grinsted Jensen

Chapter 10.C: Incorporating the Agricultural Domestic Support Data into the GTAP 9 Data Base
Badri Narayanan G.

Chapter 10.D: MAcMap-HS6 2007, an exhaustive and consistent measure of applied protection in 2007
Houssein Guimbard, Sebastien Jean and Mondher Mimouni

Chapter 10.E: Agricultural Export Subsidies
David Laborde

Chapter 10.F: ATC Export Tax Equivalents
Joseph Francois, Julia Worz and Badri Narayanan G.

Chapter 11: Energy Data
Robert A. McDougall

Chapter 12: Value Added

Chapter 12.A: Primary Factor Shares
Thomas Hertel, Marinos Tsigas, Badri Narayanan G., and Robert McDougall

Chapter 12.B: Disaggregating Labor Payments
Terrie Walmsley and Caitlyn Carrico

Chapter 13: Income and Factor Taxes
Robert A. McDougall and Jan Hagemejer

Chapter 14: Behavioral Parameters
Thomas W. Hertel and Dominique van der Mensbrugghe

Chapter 15: FIT and Global Data Base Assembly

Chapter 15.A: FIT
Robert A. McDougall

Chapter 15.B: Global Data Base Assembly
Robert A. McDougall and Badri Narayanan G.

Chapter 16: Bilateral Time-Series Trade Data
Mark J. Gehlhar