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GTAP Events: 9th Annual Conference on Global Economic Analysis: Program

Day 1   (Thursday, June 15)

Thursday, June 15 | Friday, June 16 | Saturday, June 17

Time Event (Chair)
8:00-8:30 am Registration
8:30-9:00 am Opening Ceremony
9:00-10:30 am Plenary Session (Osakwe, Patrick)
"Trade and Financial Integration"

Masson, Paul
"Trade and Currency Unions in Africa"

Martin, Will
"Assessing Barriers to International Trade: Measurement Issues and Policy Implications"

10:30-11:00 am Coffee Break
11:00-1:00 pm Organized Session (Decaluwe, Bernard)
"Globalization, Economic Reforms, and Gender Impacts"

Chitiga, Margaret
"Does Trade Liberalisation Leave Women Behind in South Africa: A Gendered CGE Analysis"

Siddiqui, Rizwana
"Modelling Gender Dimensions of the Impact Of Economic Reforms in Pakistan"

Fontana, Marzia
"Modelling the gender effects of trade: current findings and ways forward"

Fofana, Isma"
"A Gender-Aware Integrated Macro-Micro Model for Evaluating Impacts of Policies on Poverty Reduction in Africa: The Case of South Africa"

"Doha Round Negotiations I: NAMA and Tariff Reform" (Ben Hammouda, Hakim)

Sadni-Jallab, Mustapha
"Market access for non-agricultural products The impact of the Doha Round on African economies: A simulation exercise"

Munk, Knud
"Tax-tariff reform with costs of tax administration*"

Gotor, Elisabetta
"Effects of EU Sugar Trade Reforms on Poor Households in Africa: A General Equilibrium Analysis"

Organized Session (Ajakaiye, Olu)
"Trade and Investment Policy Reforms in Africa"

Bamou, Ernest
"Evaluation Of Trade And Investment Policy Reforms In Cameroon"

Bankole, Abiodun
"An Evaluation of Nigeria's Trade and Investment Policy Reforms: Towards Further Commitments to Reforms"

"Agricultural Trade and Policy" (Omiti, John)

Razzaque, Mohammad
"Global Rice Trade Liberalisation: Implications from Some Alternative Scenarios"

Gelan, Ayele
"Does Food Aid Have Disincentive Effects on Local Production" A General Equilibrium Perspective on Food Aid in Ethiopia"

Corong, Erwin
"Agriculture-sector policies and poverty in the Philippines: A computable general-equilibrium Analysis"

Agaje, Tadele
"An econometric analysis of the link between irrigation, markets and poverty in Ethiopia: The case of smallholder vegetable and Fruit Production in the North Omo Zone, SNNP Region"

Organized Session (Koopman, Robert)
"Linking Models with Different, but Complementary, Perspectives"

Paltsev, Sergey
"Incorporating Climate Change Feedbacks into a General Economic Equilibrium Model"

Hertel, Thomas
"Extending General Equilibrium Analysis to the Tariff Line: U.S. Dairy in the Doha Development Agenda"

Tabeau, Andrzej
"Linkage of GTAP and DRAM for scenario assessment: methodology, application and some selected results."

"Trade Blocks and Agreements" (Huang, Hsin)

Hailu, Martha
"Effects of Bilateral Trade Agreements on the Multilateral Trading Arena: special consideration of EPA between EU and ACP countries"

Rojid, Sawkut
"Are Existing Trading Blocks Building or Stumbling Blocks"

Dimaranan, Betina
"Trade Policy Options for the Philippines"

Widgr, Mika
"Asian Regionalism Versus Global Free Trade: A Simulation Study on Economic Effects"

1:00-2:30 pm Lunch
2:30-4:00 pm "Doha Round Negotiations II: Policy Options and WTO Accession"


"Migration" (Powell, Alan)

Timmer, Hans
"International Migration, Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) and the Money Metric of Welfare Gains"

Walmsley, Terrie
"The Liberalization of Temporary Migration: India's Story"

Organized Session (Martin, Will)
"Global Trade Reform--Lessons from Comparing Global GE Models"

Decreux, Yvan
"Model comparison: different assumptions lead to different results"

Anderson, Kym
"Impacts of Global Trade Reform using the GTAP Model: the importance of Closure, Factor Mobility, and Trade Elasticity Assumptions"

van der Mensbrugghe, Dominique
"Global Merchandise Trade Reform: Comparing results with the LINKAGE Model"

"Economic Partnership Agreements: Consequences" (Matambalya, Francis)

Alaba, Olumuyiwa
"EU-ECOWAS EPA: Regional Integration, Trade Facilitation and Development in West Africa"

Lang, Remi
"A partial equilibrium analysis of the impact of the ECOWAS-EU Economic Partnership Agreement"

Ouedraogo, Ben Idrissa
"Assessing the consequences of the Economic Partnership Agreement on the Ethiopian economy"

"French Session: Textiles Trade, Telecommunications and Growth" (Tsafack-Nanfosso, Roger)

Amadou, Akilou
"Liberalisation Commerciale Et La Croissance Economique Dans Les Pays De L"union Economique Et Monetaire Ouest Africaine"

Oulmane, Nassim
"The Impact of the Multifiber Agreement Phase out on trade in North African Countries: a Prospective Analysis"

Calvin, Djiofack Zebaze
"Telecommunications services in Africa: The Effects of Multilateral and Unilateral Liberalization"

"Aid and Investment" (Elbeshbishi, Amal)

Rakotoarisoa, Manitra
"Impact of Foreign Direct Investment and Trade on Economic Growth"

Udo, Eli
"Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth in the West African Monetary Zone: A System Equations Approach"

4:00-4:30 pm Coffee Break
4:30-6:30 pm "Labour Market Issues" (Pearson, Ken)

Kurzweil, Marianne
"The Economic Impacts of a Migration Quota - A Borderline Case"

Winchester, Niven
"Searching for the Smoking Gun: Did Trade Hurt Unskilled Workers"

Sonmez, Yontem
"Labour Migration and Remittances: Some Implications of Turkish "Guest Workers" in Germany"

Medvedev, Denis
"What is the Role of Labor Markets in Making Trade Reforms Pro-Poor in Latin America"

"Doha Round Negotiations III: Impact Studies" (Ianchovichina, Elena)

Bou", Antoine
"More or less ambition in the Doha Round" Modeling the development impact of trade proposals"

McDonald, Scott
"The Doha Development Agenda and Africa: Taking Armington Seriously"

Chemingui, Mohamed Abdelbasset
"The Potential Payoffs of implementing the Hong Kong Deal on Agriculture for African Countries: a multilevel analysis"

Ferreira-Filho, Joaquim Bento
"The Doha Development Agenda and Brazil: Distributional Impacts"

Organized Session (Dipeolu, Adeyemi)
"Can the Economic Partnership Agreements between the EU and African Countries Deliver on Development""

Maleleka, David
"Trade Liberalisation: What exactly does it mean for Lesotho"

Perez, Romain
"Are the Economic Partnership Agreements a first-best optimum for the ACP countries"

Karingi, Stephen
"Will the Economic Partnership Agreements foster the Sub-Saharan African Development"

"Trade and Poverty" (Dimaranan, Betina)

Gonz"ez-Mellado, A"a
"Assessment of Poverty Impacts of Trade Liberalization by Integration of Household Analysis in CGE Models: Possibilities and Perspectives."

Aidam, Patricia
"The Impact of Trade Liberalization on Poverty in Ghana"

Breisinger, Clemens
"Roads- a way out of poverty" A two region, general equilibrium model for Vietnam"

Aggrey, Niringiye
"East African Community and Poverty Alleviation in Uganda: Micro Simulations in a CGE Model"

"Trade Shocks, Diversification and Competitiveness" (Lay, Jann)

Laborde, David
"Modelling trade shocks at the detailed level: Fighting the Devil where he lurks"

Afari-Sefa, Victor
"The Interlinks Between Agricultural Export Diversification, Food Security and Livelihood of Farm Households in Southern Ghana."

Odularu, Gbadebo
"Vector Autoregressive Modeling of Agricultural Commodity Trade: The Case of Africa's Exports to the United States"

Ait El Mekki, Akka
"Economic Competitiveness of the Meat Sub-sector in Morocco: The Case of Beef and Poultry"

"Domestic Policy Analysis" (Jomini, Patrick)

Ayodele, Olumide
"Fiscal and Quasi-Fiscal Effects of the Parallel Market Exchange Premium in Nigeria"

Dramani, Latif
"Impact on the bilateral trade in frank zone: structural VAR approach"

Wiebelt, Manfred
"Macroeconomic and Distributional Effects of Devaluation in a Dollarized Economy: A CGE Analysis for Bolivia"

Darman Djoulde, Roger
"Modelling food security measures in soudanosahelian zone of Cameroun: Comparison of partial and general equilibrium models Aglink and GTAP"

7:00 pm Reception - UN Conference Center Banquet Hall

Day 2   (Friday, June 16)

Thursday, June 15 | Friday, June 16 | Saturday, June 17

Time Event (Chair)
8:30-10:00 am Plenary Session (Hertel, Thomas)
"Intellectual Property and Development"

Evenson, Robert
"Why are Developing Countries Reluctant to Strengthen Intellectual Property Rights" Implications for the Technology-Related Intellectual Property (TRIPS) Provision for the World Trade Organization"

Maskus, Keith
"Can Intellectual Property Rights be Integrated into Computational Models"

10:00-10:30 am Coffee Break

Launching of UN-WIDER Modeling Project
10:30-12:30 pm Organized Session (Koopman, Robert)
"Deep Integration and Trade-productivity Links: Recent Research and Lessons for Modelers"

Robinson, Sherman
"Deep Integration and Trade-Productivity Links: Tentative Lessons for CGE International Trade Models"

Gasiorek, Michael
"Determinants of productivity in Morocco and Egypt - the role of trade"

Evans, H. David
"Trade Liberalisation with Trade Induced Technical Change in Morocco and Egypt: Findings and Wider Research Implications"

"Doha Round Negotiations IV: Preferential Trade Arrangements" (Brockmeier, Martina)

Salvatici, Luca
"Assessing market access: do developing countries really get a preferential treatment"

Frontini, Gaspar
"The potential for preference erosion on the EU market"

Mitaritonna, Cristina
"A consistent picture of the protection across the world in 2004: MacMapHS6 v2"

Yu, Wusheng
"Schemes for aggregating preferential tariffs, trade volume effects and African LDCs"

"Trade and the Environment" (Lee, Huey-Lin)

Manders, Ton
"How do trade, poverty and climate policies affect biodiversity"

Mengue Mbom, Alex
"On the place of climate in the process of development and according to observations made in two boundaries provinces in Cameroon"

"Economic Growth I: Sources, Strategies and Linkages" (Kouassi, Eugene)

Ahmed, Hashim
"Growth Strategies to Reach the MDGs in Ethiopia"

Nin Pratt, Alejandro
"Regional Growth Linkages and Market Opportunities for Agriculture and Food Security in Southern Africa"

Ianchovichina, Elena
"Growth Trends in the Developing World: Country Forecasts and Determinants"

Nkama, Arsene
"Identifying Sources of Growth and Competitiveness in the Context of the New World Trade Regime: Case Study for Cameroon"

"Trade and Economic Integration" (Kurzweil, Marianne)

Zhai, Fan
"Preferential Trade Agreements in Asia: Alternative Scenarios of 'Hub and Spoke'"

Watanuki, Masakazu
"Trade and Integration Policy Analysis for Mercosur: AMIDA Model with Imperfect Competition"

Wong, Sara
"Domestic Support Policies for Agriculture in Ecuador and the U.S.-Andean Countries Free Trade Agreement: An Applied General Equilibrium Assessment"

Fouquin, Michel
"Comparing Bilateral and Multilateral ASEAN+4 Free Trade Agreements Possible Impacts on Member and Non-member countries"

"Climate Change" (Kuiper, Marijke)

Roson, Roberto
"Climate Change, Energy Demand and Market Power in a General Equilibrium Model of the World Economy"

Vielle, Marc
"Probabilistic GHG Emissions Forecasts under Energy Prices Uncertainty"

Honkatukia, Juha
"Is there potential for government participation in flexibility mechanisms" - Evaluating the Finnish case"

Homma, Takashi
"Evaluation of Global Warming Mitigation Policies with a Dynamic World Energy-economic Model Considering Changes in Industrial Structures by IT Penetration."

12:30-2:00 pm Lunch
2:00-4:00 pm "Doha Round Negotiations V: Poverty Issues" (McDonald, Scott)

Valenzuela, Ernesto
"Trade Reforms and Poverty: Are the Impacts Discernable"

Robichaud, V"onique
"Trade Liberalization and Poverty - Lessons from Asia and Africa"

Emini, Christian Arnault
"The Poverty Impacts of the Doha Round in Cameroon: The Role of Tax Policy"

Tambunan, Tulus
"Likely Impact of the WTO "July Package" 2004 Agreement on Liberalization in Agriculture on Poverty in Indonesia: A Comparative Study between Partial Equilibrium Model and Existing GTAP Studies"

"Free Trade Agreements" (Nwuke, Kasirim)

Ramilison, Eric Norbert
"Will Madagascar benefit from the South African market opening to SADC goods"

Schuschny, Andres
"Andean Countries and USA: how much can be expected from FTAs"

Abdelmalki, Lahsen
"An Assessment of the United States-Morocco Free Trade Agreement"

Adhana, Kelali
"Impacts of FTA on Trade and Poverty within East African Countries and with the EU"

"Preferential Trade Arrangements in Africa and South America" (Osman, Magued)

Terra, Ines Maria
"The effects of increasing openness and integration to the MERCOSUR on the Uruguayan labour market. A CGE modeling analysis"

Ben Hammouda, Hakim
"How North Africa could benefit from the euromediterraneen partnership: the necessity to balance the Barcelona Process"

Afifi, Tamer
"Some Space for Success: Egypt as Part of an Eastern and Southern African Regional Trade Agreement"

"Agricultural Policy Issues" (Ehui, Simeon)

Gersfelt, Birgitte
"The Policy Implications of Using Water More Than Once - The Case of Irrigation in Egypt"

Ogunkola, Olawale
"Integrating West African Agriculture into the Global Trading System: Issues in Regional and Multilateral Trade Negotiations"

Kerkela, Leena
"Effects of WTO export subsidy abolition on global and national level"

Fang, Cheng
"The Impact of Multilateral Trade Liberalization on Food Security in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia"

"Trade Reform and Liberalization" (Paltsev, Sergey)

Philip, Omoke
"Trade policy reform and rural poverty in Nigeria"

Niemi, Janne
"Trade liberalisation with African socio-economic structures and imperfect markets"

Bibi, Sam
"Trade Liberalization and the Dynamic of Poverty in Tunisia: A Layered CGE Microsimulation Analysis"

"GTAP Data and Data Base (Lejour, Arjan)

Manrique, Casiano
"Comparison of different updating methods for the GTAP Data Base"

Wang, Zhi
"A Mathematical Programming Model to Estimate Re-export Markup and Reconcile Trade Statistics from China, Hong Kong and the United Sates"

Fugazza, Marco
"Non-tariff barriers in a non-tariff world Insights and Results from GTAP simulations"

4:00-4:30 pm Coffee Break
4:30-6:00 pm Organized Session (Lofgren, Hans)
"Economywide Analysis of MDG Strategies"

Bussolo, Maurizio
"Millennium Development Goals for Honduras: Current Achievements and Forthcoming Challenges"

Diaz-Bonilla, Carolina
"Economywide Simulations of Ethiopian MDG Strategies"

Lofgren, Hans
"MAMS -- a framework for analyzing MDG and poverty reduction strategies"

Organized Session (Hertel, Thomas)
"Modeling Global Land Heterogeneity and Land-use"

van Meijl, Hans
"Endogenous agricultural land supply: estimation and implementation in the GTAP Model"

Rose, Steven
"The role of land heterogeneity in determining climate change mitigation costs"

Lee, Huey-Lin
"Modeling Land Supply and Demand in the Long Run"

"Gender, Migration and Regional Integration" (Walmsley, Terrie)

Ndong Ntah, Marcellin Henri
"The Necessary Energizing of Regional Integration Agreements in Central Africa"

Raihan, Selim
"Modelling Gender aspects of Policy Reforms in Bangladesh: A Study in a Sequential Dynamic CGE Framework"

"Cotton and Trade in Textiles" (Karingi, Stephen)

Wubeneh, Nega
"A General Equilibrium Analysis of the Impact of Eliminating US Cotton Subsidies on US and World Cotton Market"

Rojas-Romagosa, Hugo
"Economic Perspectives for Central America after CAFTA: A GTAP-based Analysis"

"French Session: Poverty and Migration" (Kasse, Moustapha)

Faye, Salimata
"Hard-Core Poverty in Senegal (Le noyau dur de la pauvret"au S""al)"

Nkoa, Fran"is
"Migrations Sud-Nord, fuite des cerveaux et d"eloppement en Afrique subsaharienne. (South North migration, brain drain and development in subsaharan African countries)"

Symphorien, Tabo
"Politiques Economiques et Pauvret" A qui profitent les d"enses sociales au Tchad" Une analyse d"incidence "partir des donn's d"enqu"e*"

"Economic Analysis of Poverty" (Bou", Antoine)

Missagli, Marco
"Estimation of income elasticities and their use in a CGE model for Palestine"

Pauw, Kalie
"The welfare impacts of targeted transfers to poor households"

Arndt, Channing
"Confronting the Issue of the Elasticity of Customs Evasion in Mozambique: An Empirical Study"

7:30 pm Conference Dinner - Hilton Hotel

Day 3   (Saturday, June 17)

Thursday, June 15 | Friday, June 16 | Saturday, June 17

Time Event (Chair)
9:00-11:00 am "Modeling Methodology and Validation" (Vos, Rob)

Kuiper, Marijke
"Using gravity to move Armington - an empirical approach to the small initial trade share problem in general equilibrium models"

McDougall, Robert
"New Household Saving Behavior in the Dynamic GTAP Model"

Koopman, Robert
"Decomposing NAFTA: An Application of the USAGE Model and an Approach to Model Validation"

Organized Session (Bussolo, Maurizio)
"Globalization & Poverty--Channels and Policy Responses"

Cockburn, John
"Trade Liberalisation and Poverty in Nepal: Computable General Equilibrium Micro Simulation Analysis"

Lay, Jann
"Globalisation and Poverty Changes in Colombia"

"Doha Round Negotiations VI: Trade in Services" (Anderson, Kym)

Cretegny, Laurent
"Liberalizing Services in Switzerland and with the European Union"

Dihel, Nora
"China's goods and services liberalisation: the impact on selected OECD countries"

Kinnman, Susanna
"Economic implications of the Doha round"

Lejour, Arjan
"Opening up services markets within Europe: the role of foreign establishments"

"Trade and Export Performance" (Matthews, Alan)

Babatunde, Musibau Adetunji
"Trade Policy Reform, Regional Integration and Export Performance in the ECOWAS Sub-Region"

Mold, Andrew
"Explaining Africa's Export Performance " Taking a New Look"

Kaliba, Aloyce
"Potential Optimal Tariff Rates for Tanzania: A Computable General Equilibrium Analysis"

Lan Huong, Pham
"Vietnam's Trade Policy Dilemmas"

"Software, Tariffs and Trade" (Horridge, Mark)

Pearson, Ken
"Running Simulations Faster on Multi-Processor or 64-Bit PCs via GEMPACK"

Nitsch, Volker
"Terrorism, Tears and Trade"

Brockmeier, Martina
"How to calculate and implement import tariff cuts"

"Economic Growth II: Role of Agriculture, Capital, and HIV" (Robleh, Peter)

Ehui, Simeon
"The Role of Agriculture in Nigeria's Economic Growth a General Equilibrium Analysis"

Seetanah, Boopen
"New evidences on the link between public capital and economic growth from a small island economy"

Alemu, Zerihun Gudeta
"The Impact of HIV on Total Factor Productivity"

Chebbi, Houssem Eddine
"What Role for the Agricultural Sector in the Process of Economic Growth of Tunisia" Evidence from Multvariate Cointegration"

11:00-11:30 am Coffee Break
11:30-1:00 pm Plenary Session (Ben Hammouda, Hakim)
"Poverty, Aid and the Millennium Development Goals"

Decaluwe, Bernard
"Replacing Representative with Real Households in Dynamic CGE Analyses of Poverty: Challenges and Opportunities"

Bourguignon, Francois
"Aid, Service Delivery and the MDGs in an Economy-wide Framework"

1:00-1:15 pm Closing Ceremony
1:15-2:30 pm Lunch (End of Conference)

Thursday, June 15 | Friday, June 16 | Saturday, June 17